Twelve Monkeys

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In the year 2035, convict James Cole reluctantly volunteers to be sent back in time to discover the origin of a deadly virus that wiped out nearly all of the earth's population and forced the survivors into underground communities. But when Cole is mistakenly sent to 1990 instead of 1996, he's arrested and locked up in a mental hospital. There he meets psychiatrist Dr. Kathryn Railly, and patient Jeffrey Goines, the son of a famous virus expert, who may hold the key to the mysterious rogue group, the Army of the 12 Monkeys, thought to be responsible for unleashing the killer disease.

Movie Data


Status Released

Original Language English

Runtime 2h 9m

Budget $29,500,000.00

Revenue $168,840,000.00

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Release Information

  • December 27, 1995
  • December 29, 1995
    Theatrical (limited)
  • January 5, 1996
    R, Theatrical



Cast 65

  1. Bruce Willis

    Bruce Willis
    James Cole

  2. Madeleine Stowe

    Madeleine Stowe
    Dr. Kathryn Railly

  3. Brad Pitt

    Brad Pitt
    Jeffrey Goines

  4. Christopher Plummer
  5. David Morse

    David Morse
    Dr. Peters

  6. Jon Seda

    Jon Seda

  7. Frank Gorshin

    Frank Gorshin
    Dr. Fletcher

  8. Joseph Melito

    Joseph Melito
    young Cole

  9. Aaron Michael Lacey

    Aaron Michael Lacey
    WWI Sergeant

  10. Christopher Meloni

    Christopher Meloni
    Lt. Halperin

  11. Joey Perillo

    Joey Perillo
    Det. Franki

  12. LisaGay Hamilton
  13. Matt Ross
  14. Annie Golden

    Annie Golden
    woman cabbie

  15. Michael Chance

    Michael Chance

  16. Vernon Campbell
  17. H. Michael Walls
  18. Bob Adrian

    Bob Adrian

  19. Simon Jones

    Simon Jones

  20. Carol Florence

    Carol Florence
    Astrophysicist / Jones

  21. Bill Raymond

    Bill Raymond

  22. Ernest Abuba

    Ernest Abuba

  23. Irma St. Paule
  24. Rozwill Young

    Rozwill Young

  25. Nell Johnson

    Nell Johnson
    Ward Nurse

  26. Frederick Strother

    Frederick Strother
    L.J. Washington

  27. Charles Techman

    Charles Techman

  28. Rick Warner

    Rick Warner
    Dr. Casey

  29. Anthony 'Chip' Brienza
  30. Bruce Kirkpatrick

    Bruce Kirkpatrick
    Policeman No. 1

  31. WW

    Wilfred Williams
    Policeman No. 2

  32. Joilet Harris

    Joilet Harris
    Harassed Mother

  33. Drucie McDaniel

    Drucie McDaniel
    Waltzing Woman Patient

  34. John Blaisse

    John Blaisse
    Old Man Patient

  35. Louis Lippa

    Louis Lippa
    Patient at Gate

  36. Stan Kang

    Stan Kang
    X-Ray Doctor

  37. Pat Dias

    Pat Dias
    WWI Captain

  38. Felix Pire
  39. Karl Warren

    Karl Warren
    Pompous Man

  40. Joseph McKenna
  41. Stephen Bridgewater

    Stephen Bridgewater
    Airport Detective

  42. Ray Huffman

    Ray Huffman
    Plump Businessman

  43. Charley Scalies

    Charley Scalies
    Impatient Traveler

  44. Robert O'Neill
  45. Paul Meshejian

    Paul Meshejian
    Detective Dalva

  46. Kevin Thigpen

    Kevin Thigpen

  47. Harry O'Toole

    Harry O'Toole
    Louie / Raspy Voice

  48. Jann Ellis

    Jann Ellis

  49. Michael Ryan Segal
  50. Korchenko

    Thug No. 1

  51. Chuck Jeffreys

    Chuck Jeffreys
    Thug No. 2

  52. Barry Price

    Barry Price
    Agent No. 1

  53. John Panzarella

    John Panzarella
    Agent No. 2

  54. Janet Zappala

    Janet Zappala

  55. Lisa Talerico

    Lisa Talerico
    Ticket Agent

  56. Tiffany Baldwin

    Tiffany Baldwin
    Student in Airport (uncredited)

  57. C.J. Byrnes

    C.J. Byrnes
    Psychiatric Patient (uncredited)

  58. Tom Detrik

    Tom Detrik
    FBI Agent (uncredited)

  59. Joe Gerety

    Joe Gerety
    Sprayer (uncredited)

  60. Renee Spei

    Renee Spei
    Demon (uncredited)

  61. Bonnie Loev

    Bonnie Loev
    Time Portal Nurse (uncredited)

  62. Raymond Mamrak

    Raymond Mamrak
    Travler (uncredited)

  63. Sal Mazzotta

    Sal Mazzotta
    Prisoner Joey (uncredited)

  64. Allelon Ruggiero

    Allelon Ruggiero
    Inpatient (uncredited)

  65. Thang

    Monkey Member (uncredited)

Crew 134


  1. CS

    Crispian Sallis
    Set Decoration

  2. JB

    Jeffrey Beecroft
    Production Design

  3. WL

    William Ladd Skinner
    Art Direction

  4. CC

    Carl Catanese

  5. SL

    Steven Lane Ewing
    Construction Coordinator

  6. TG

    Tim Galvin
    Assistant Art Director

  7. KI

    Kevin Ishioka
    Assistant Art Director

  8. LK

    Lara Kelly
    Art Department Coordinator

  9. JD
  10. RL

    Robert LaPrell
    Assistant Art Director

  11. PA
  12. LM

    Larry Misselhorn

  13. WS

    Wayne Smith
    Standby Painter

  14. CA

    Charley Armstrong
    Location Scout

  15. MC

    Matt Codd
    Production Illustrator

  16. TT

    Thomas Turnbull
    Construction Foreman


  1. Roger Pratt

    Roger Pratt
    Director of Photography

  2. RB
  3. PV

    Phillip V. Caruso
    Still Photographer

  4. VG

    Vinnie Gerardo
    First Assistant Camera

  5. CH

    Craig Haagensen
    Camera Operator

  6. WJ
  7. PN

    Peter Norman
    Camera Operator

  8. KR

    Kyle Rudolph
    Camera Operator

  9. LS
  10. B'

    Blackford 'Boots' Shelton
    First Assistant Camera

  11. BS

Costume & Make-Up

  1. JW

    Julie Weiss
    Costume Design

  2. CB
  3. CB

    Christine Beveridge
    Hair Designer

  4. WA

    William A. Kohout

  5. PN

    Peggy Nicholson
    Key Hair Stylist

  6. AW

    Allen Weisinger
    Makeup Artist

  7. EH

    Eric H. Sandberg
    Costume Supervisor

  8. BR

    B.J. Rogers
    Assistant Costume Designer


  1. GF

    Glen Foster

  2. RG

    Rick Gamez

  3. WG

    Wesley Goodwin

  4. DH

    Doug Harlocker
    Property Master

  5. MK

    Mark Kendig

  6. LH

    Lê Hoàng

  7. TL
  8. PM

    Paul Maiello

  9. ST

    Scott T. Pina

  10. GP

    Gary Pugh

  11. DA

    David Acord
    Special Effects

  12. RH

    Russell Hardee
    Special Effects

  13. JH

    James Healy
    Special Effects

  14. RH

    Russell Hurlburt
    Special Effects

  15. PK

    Paul Kocar
    Special Effects

  16. TL

    Thomas Lockey
    Special Effects

  17. JP

    Joseph P. Mercurio
    Special Effects

  18. SM

    Shirley Montefusco
    Special Effects Coordinator

  19. BT

    Beecher Tomlinson
    Special Effects

  20. GA

    G.A. Aguilar

  21. SA
  22. BA

    Bill Anagnos

  23. JC

    John Copeman

  24. PC

    Paul Couch

  25. DC
  26. EE

    E.J. Evans

  27. TJ
  28. RO
  29. Chuck Jeffreys
  30. DS
  31. SM

    Steve Martin

  32. SM

    Steve Martin
    Stunt Coordinator

  33. ES
  34. SS
  35. BS

    Brian Smyj

  36. TG

    Thomas Greco

  37. IK

    Ian Kelly
    Video Assist Operator

  38. LD

    Lucy Darwin
    Post-Production Manager

  39. PS

    Pamela Susan Hall
    Post Production Assistant

  40. GW

    Glynn Williams
    Post Production Assistant

  41. TC

    Ted Criswell
    Set Medic

  42. DD

    Dennis Davidson
    Public Relations

  43. MD

    Marc Diener
    Legal Services

  44. CF

    Carole French
    Craft Service

  45. RG

    Reva Grantham
    Craft Service

  46. WH

    Warren Holcomb
    Legal Services

  47. AK

    Avi Korein

  48. EM

    Ernie Malik
    Unit Publicist

  49. EM

    Elena Moscatt
    Craft Service

  50. SL

    Silvija L. Moess
    Scenic Artist

  51. RC


  1. Terry Gilliam

    Terry Gilliam

  2. JR

    John Rusk
    Assistant Director

  3. MB

    Marilyn Bailey
    Script Supervisor


  1. MA

    Mick Audsley

  2. DG

    Dan Gane
    First Assistant Editor

  3. BU

    Brian Ufberg
    First Assistant Editor

  4. EW

    Eddie Wilder
    Color Timer


  1. DC

    David Cecil

  2. AR

    Andrew Reed Conner

  3. BF

    Bill Fiedler

  4. MF

    Mike Finnegan
    Rigging Grip

  5. CL

    Craig Ligget
    Rigging Gaffer

  6. Matt Miller

    Matt Miller
    Rigging Grip

  7. KS

    Keith Salkowski

  8. CF

    Chuck Finch
    Lighting Technician


  1. CR

    Charles Roven

  2. RC

    Robert Cavallo
    Executive Producer

  3. GL

    Gary Levinsohn
    Executive Producer

  4. RK

    Robert Kosberg
    Executive Producer

  5. Margery Simkin
  6. ME

    Mark Egerton
    Associate Producer

  7. LP

    Lloyd Phillips

  8. KS

    Kelley Smith-Wait
    Associate Producer

  9. LP

    Lloyd Phillips
    Unit Production Manager

  10. MH

    Mikie Heilbrun
    Casting Associate

  11. SE

    Scott Elias
    Location Manager

  12. EJ

    Elizabeth J. Nevin
    Production Coordinator

  13. MV

    Matilde Valera
    Production Accountant


  1. IP

    Imogen Pollard
    Sound Editor

  2. JM

    Jay Meagher
    Sound mixer

  3. PB

    Paul Buckmaster
    Original Music Composer

  4. DG
  5. PJ

    Peter Joly
    Supervising Sound Editor

  6. RS

    Randy Smith
    Boom Operator

  7. JS

    Jack Stew

  8. JS
  9. TS
  10. IW

    Ian Wilson

Visual Effects

  1. AS

    Anthony Simonaitis
    Special Effects Supervisor

  2. RB

    Richard Bain
    Digital Compositors

  3. MB

    Martin Body
    Digital Compositors

  4. SC

    Steve Cutmore
    Digital Compositors

  5. DF

    Doug Forrest
    Digital Compositors

  6. KH

    Kent Houston
    Visual Effects Supervisor

  7. CP

    Chris Panton
    Digital Compositors

  8. SR

    Susi Roper
    Visual Effects Coordinator


  1. David Webb Peoples

    David Webb Peoples

  2. JP

    Janet Peoples

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