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To Jet:

One could attribute Calabrian Queen’s illogic “aggression” to the negative effect apparently full moons :full_moon: have on some people or maybe he reacts to what he considers an intrusion (of a new poster)in "his territory" /the BBT board.

What ever the case be ,best to stay in familiar "territory " among friends . Just remember you're _ important to this board .... to us_, Jet :rose:

This game you mentioned seems fun ..so I thought why not play a TOS version.
I copy and pasted the rules.

The idea is to say something “about the show” in exactly six words (“about the show” meaning: anyone/anything in any connection.)

Three Simple Rules:

a. Emojis count as a word.

b. Hyphenated words count individually.

c. Contractions count as one word.

I’ll break the ice :

Kirk, Spock, and Bones are awesome.

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Mudd's wife was a :nauseated_face: shrew.

Kirk is a Herbert. Spock reaches.

Kirk has a hard lip, man.

Made Sherry Jackson's lips swell up.

I should think 'interesting' would suffice.

And I believe it's pronounced "tallyho."

She was just a mechanical geisha, right?

@sukhisoo said:

She was just a mechanical geisha, right?

Seven words, sukhi.


But Korby was a machine too.

Mechanical geisha and a mechanical customer?

Like the Team America puppet sex.

Warning: Explicit Puppet Sex Lies Ahead!


Amuricaa Fuck Yeah! :laughing:

@Jetfire59 said:

@sukhisoo said:

She was just a mechanical geisha, right?

Seven words, sukhi.

:)) I'm human rather than mechanical. Go ahead and omit either "just" or "right" depending on your rhetorical intent.

Unless I'm mistaken, it's potassium nitrate.

See, no change. Discipline goes on.

This is where the law is.

Not in that homogenized, pasteurized synthesizer

Books. That's where the Law is.

Isn't that somewhat old-fashioned?

You will experience the absolute good.

You are an excellent tactician, Captain

You fled. Why? Were you afraid?

You're an old-fashioned boy, McCoy.