Primary Facts


The primary stage name someone uses.

Many actors (and non-actors) use multiple stage names in their career. When a name change is linear, you should use the last name used by a living person. e.g. Caitlyn Jenner, Alexa PenaVega rather than Alexa Vega

When a person uses many names simultaneously and alternatively, choosing a primary name is usually a judgment call based on a few factors: Is there a name they are most often credited as? Which name is used on their official website and social accounts? Which name is used on their agent or union's website? Which name are the other major websites are using?

For deceased folks, we usually use the name they are most often credited as. An exception can be made if they are best known by a different name.

If the name in the URL does not match the name we currently use, please report the issue to the mods.


We do not support name translations. All names should be readable in English (diacritic are allowed).

If a person's name in their native language is not easily readable in English, it should be added as an alternative name.

The Eastern name order [family name] [given name] should be used when appropriate for transliterated East Asian names (Chinese, Korean), as dictated by common practice, unless a country-specific exception (e.g. the Western name order is usually used when people of Chinese/Korean origin have Christian/English first names Donnie [English first name] Yen) or a case-by-case exception (i.e. the person is known to use a different order e.g. Ki Hong Lee) applies.

The Western name order [given name][family name] is usually used for transliterated Japanese names. However, the Eastern name order is used for pre-Meiji historical figures (like in historical films).

The hyphenated names should be capitalized as one single name, without a capital letter after the hyphen (e.g. Song Kang-ho).


We now support biography translations!

Biographies should maintain a neutral point of view and not be promotional.

It's best to only stick to important facts and avoid any present and future time reference, including turn of phrase such as currently starring or will star.

No quotation marks around titles "Baby Driver" 'Baby Driver' or titles in all caps BABY DRIVER. Years in parenthesis Baby Driver (2017) are allowed but not preferred.

No links.

Countries and cities should be referred to by their names. No here, we have a vast userbase. ;)

Copy/paste from Wikipedia is allowed as long as a credit to the source is included and the text is properly edited (reference numbers [1] [2] [3] should be removed).

Unused middle names can be removed from the Wiki biographies, but info like birthdays, day of death, place of birth shouldn't be deleted from the biography (e.g. John Boyega (born 17 March 1992) is an English actor).

Known For

The known for department field helps us build better "known for" credits.

For people who have an equal number of known for departments it can be hard to pick one department. This choice doesn't need to be over analyzed, it's primary purpose is to build better credits. As long as we achieve that goal, the specific department doesn't matter so much.


The date doesn't have to be complete.

Place of Birth

Preferred format is "City, State/Province/Prefecture/Territory, Country".


Benoni, Gauteng, South Africa

English spelling.


The gender someone identifies as rather than the gender they were assigned at birth (e.g. Jazz Jennings, Laura Jane Grace and Laverne Cox are women) or the gender they sometimes present as in front of the camera (e.g. actor Chris Lilley and the drag queen RuPaul are men).

Please file a content issue report when someone's gender field needs to be locked blank.


The homepage field should only be used for the person's official website.

Non-official websites such as fansites, databases, and social media websites are not allowed.

When a person does not have an official website, a link to their profile on their representation/management's website can be added. It can be helpful for data contributors to have a link to their (partial or full) CV.

The web address should start with http:// or https://

For adult actors, no commercial links, which means any homepage with a members area.