Credit Issues

Credit Issues

Misspelling Duplicate

When different spellings are used for the same TV role, duplicate credits are created.

e.g. (4 episodes) as Vivianne ; (2 episodes) as Miss Vivianne

The only way to merge duplicates caused by a misspelling or an alternative spelling is to delete the with an alternative spelling (e.g. Miss Vivianne) and re-add them using the main spelling (e.g. Vivianne).

Always use the exact same spelling to avoid this common credit issue.

Ghost Credits

Ghost (0 episode) can exist on their own or have a "real" credit duplicate.

e.g. (0 episode) as Mister Christopher
e.g. (4 episodes) as Christopher; (0 episode) as Mister Christopher:

Ghost credits have to be merged with a proper credits.

  1. Delete the non-ghost credits e.g. the four "Christopher" credits.
  2. When you are done, add a new credit using the exact same character name as the (0 episode) credit e.g. Mister Christopher. Leave the character field blank if the ghost credit has no character name.
  3. If you use the right spelling, the new credit should merge with the ghost credit. e.g. (1 episode) as Mister Christopher
  4. Delete the merged credit.
  5. You should now be able to re-add the credits, using the spelling of your choosing.

Old entries without seasons often have ghost credits. To avoid this problem, always add new credits using the same character name as the ghost credits.