"Animation" and "Documentary" should be added when relevant.

"Family" should be added to movies for children and the whole family.

Genres should be chosen very carefully. We only want the 2 or 3 most relevant film genres–excluding the genres mentioned above–that best describe the movie (e.g. "Drama", "Comedy, War" or "Western, Science Fiction, Action").

A genre (e.g. romance) can, in rare cases, be better suited as a keyword than as a genre. Before adding a genre as a keyword, please make sure it's relevant and that it conforms to our keywords guidelines. No spoilers!

The genres listed on major movie websites can help with the genre selection, but copying all genres from one website is generally not a good idea. It is recommended to use multiple sources and to be critical and selective. A genre can be a bad fit despite being listed everywhere.

As always, moderators do their best when they verify and lock data, but film genres are ultimately subjective. Users can file a content issue report should they find a movie locked with incorrect or missing genres.