Recent pictures are usually preferable for still-working actors.

The pictures should not be in character. A picture from a photoshoot should be used when they are available online.

When no qualifying pictures are available, it is often best to wait until one is released. An exception might be made in cases where the in-character picture is neutral and a new image is unlikely to turn up.

Only pictures. No drawings.

Please be respectful of people's privacy. Do not use pictures from personal social media accounts.

We prefer head shot style pictures. The pictures can be cropped to meet our preferred style.

Profile pictures should stay above the waist and have a preferably neutral background. Do not add full body images.

Nude, underwear or pornographic images are not allowed (including adult profiles).

No watermarks or logos.

Minimum resolution of 300x450px.

An aspect ratio of exactly 1:1.5 (2:3) is required.


Width × 1.5 = Height
Height ÷ 1.5 = Width