We allow most official posters including posters for different versions, types of releases or countries, and posters using alternative titles (working title, festival title, original title, new title).

However, posters should not contain banners for special releases (e.g. Widescreen, Blu-ray or DVD) if the same image without a banner is already available.

Stripped down versions of official posters as well as custom posters made from promo pictures and logos are allowed (example). Please try to pick an image that has a poster feel to it (e.g. a custom poster made for the french movie Zig Zig). It's going to be the image representing that movie so choose wisely.


An aspect ratio of 1:1.5 (2:3) is usually preferred. However, posters with an aspect ratio between 1:1.33 and 1:1.67 are allowed, especially if the poster can't be cropped without destroying the image and/or cutting text or logos in half.

No posters made from material unrelated to the movie (e.g. book covers or the soundtrack) or any unofficial material (e.g. candid pictures), or "fan art" posters created by amateur or professional artists.

Posters for recorded events (concerts, stand-up comedy shows, theatre plays, festivals) should be the poster of the video/digital/TV/theater release instead of the poster of the event.

While it is not officially supported, we sometimes tolerate good quality posters made from non-official material to be used as fillers for upcoming movies until official material is made available. However, it is better to wait until the movie is confirmed and/or in production.

No back covers, pictures of a DVD or a DVD set.

No posters for unofficial versions such as fan cuts, fandubs or alternate commentary (e.g. RiffTrax).

Borders that are part of the original design are allowed.

Some posters with brief nudity are accepted (e.g. this poster for the movie Blind). The decisions are made by the mods on a case-by-case basis.


The top poster should be a "clean" poster when one is available. We count on you guys to up-vote the best textless posters in each languages to the top. While this policy might not please everyone, it is simply a matter of consistency in our design.

Moderators can set a poster as primary when needed, for example when the top-voted poster is not title-only, has an imperfect aspect ratio or when a better poster is uploaded.

The primary poster has to be clean/textless, have an aspect ratio of 1:1.5, a minimum resolution of 1000x1500px and meet our image guidelines.

It looks good when all the posters of the movies in a movie collection matches. However, the selection of a good poster for each individual movie is far more important.

The guidelines for primary posters requests are located here.


Always look for clues in the text, companies logos and the website. The language can be determines by the smallest details (e.g. this poster is Dutch, because the Dutch and Belgian distributors are listed, respectively Independent Films and Belga Films.).

When there is no localized text/company logo on the poster, and the title the same title as the original title, the poster belongs in the movie's original language. The actual language of the title is irrelevant (e.g. title-only posters for the Dutch movie "Boy 7" should be set as "Dutch", even though Boy is an English word).

Exception: Sometimes the same title is written with two different alphabets. Using Hindi/Bollywood movies as an example, "दंगल" and its romanised title "Dangal" might look like two different titles, but they are pronounced the same. The English translation is actually "Wrestling Competition". Therefore the correct language for Indian posters using "दंगल" and "Dangal" is Hindi.

Posters without a title that have text on them should be filed under their respective languages (e.g. English for a title-less poster with an English tagline and/or English credits). Beware, the same logic applies as with title-only posters: if an English tagline is used on the original poster for an non-English film, the tagline-only poster will still be added to the original language, not English.

The "No Language" setting is used for textless key poster art. Newly uploaded images are set as "No Language" by default, please remember to go refresh the page and set the right language to your uploaded posters!

Setting poster languages incorrectly to promote your own poster(s) is sabotage and will result in a warning or possibly even a ban.

TV Shows

Television posters are added at two different levels: series and seasons. These posters are bound by the same guidelines as movie posters.

We prefer to have the latest season's poster as the primary series poster for currently airing television series.

TV Seasons

Season promo posters, customized season posters and DVD posters are accepted as TV season posters as long as they follow our image guidelines.

Ideally, a customized season poster should be made with promo images for its respective season and be in congruence with the series' key art.

We do prefer it when the seasons posters match.