Collections should only be used for true movie sequels.

As a general rule, a sequel is a film which centers around the same main characters and continues the story of an earlier film. The protagonists evolve and are aware of the events that happened in the earlier films. Most popular film series—Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, The Hunger Games, Thor, Iron Man, Guardians of the Galaxy—are composed of proper film sequels.

Series of stand-alone films and mixed series marketed as proper sequels are also allowed as collections. These sequels are usually numbered and share a similar theme and/or an universe. They are commonly used in horror collections, for example Saw and Final Destination. Other popular examples are The Fast and the Furious Collection, which includes the Tokyo Drift spin-off, or the Step Up Collection.


Collections are only the beginning. We will implement a proper "universe" feature in the future.

While sometimes controversial, collections are not intended to be a way of grouping movies of the same universe, person, character or theme, or imitating box sets. We recommend using lists for content not allowed as a collection.

For example, the "Eastrail 177" trilogy and the Cloverfield films do not belong in a collection. The Man of Steel Collection is only for the Superman sequels and should not be used as the DC Extended Universe. Similarly, each film series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including The Avengers, has its own collection.

One long-time approved exception to this policy is the James Bond Collection.

Remakes, reboots or spin-offs are usually not grouped with their predecessors. They typically are stand-alone films or the beginning of a new film series. For example, the X-Men and Star Wars spin-offs are side stories focusing of different characters. They are not direct sequels to the main movies.

We currently do not support collections of TV show entries.

Please see the New Content topic for instructions on creating a new collection: New Content > Collections.


Movies can only be in one collection at a time.

This is usually not an issue as long as movie collections follow our guidelines.

In some rare cases, a foreign country markets movies that are not released as sequels in their country of origin as sequels. These "fabricated" film sequels can create a lot of confusion. They should be lists, not collections.

Type of Content

Collection of short films sequels are allowed. However, short films are not allowed in feature films collections (e.g. the short film Shrek the Halls is not allowed in the Shrek collection).

Documentary sequels are allowed as long as the movies are true sequels.

No collections of video:true content (e.g. a training program, stand-up comedy shows, compilations).

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