Primary Facts

Collection Name

English: Series Name Collection (e.g. Harry Potter Collection, The Hobbit Collection)

No "Duology", "Trilogy", "Series" in the title

When two or more collections have identical names, the following guidelines should be used:

  • (Animated) or (Live-Action) can be used for the newer collections (e.g. "101 Dalmatians Collection" and "101 Dalmatians (Live-Action) Collection")
  • (Remake) or (Reboot) can be used for remakes and reboots (e.g. "Planet of the Apes Collection" and "Planet of the Apes (Reboot) Collection")
  • The director or writer's name (e.g. "Halloween (Rob Zombie) Collection"), production company (e.g. "Dracula (Universal) Collection" and "Dracula (Hammer) Collection"), starring actor's name (e.g. Tarzan (Lex Barker) Collection) and the year of the release of the first film in the collection (e.g. "King Kong (1976) Collection) can be used when needed.
  • The type of release (Theatrical) (TV) (Physical) (Digital) or type of movie (Short) (Feature) can also be used when needed.


Overviews should ideally be a brief and spoiler-free plot overview.

There is no need to refer to the collection by its name, list all the movies included in the collection, or include data such as the release dates or the main cast and crew. Those information are already displayed on the page.

When there are collections with similar names or themes, distinctive technical info (e.g. reboot or a production company famously associated with the franchise) can be a good addition to a short plot overview.

Collection overviews are also subjected to our movie overviews guidelines.