Season Cast 221

  1. Colin Donnell
  2. Nick Gehlfuss
  3. Torrey DeVitto
  4. Oliver Platt
  5. Yaya DaCosta

    Yaya DaCosta

    April Sexton (23 Episodes)

  6. Brian Tee

    Brian Tee

    Ethan Choi (23 Episodes)

  7. S. Epatha Merkerson
  8. Marlyne Barrett
  9. Rachel DiPillo

    Rachel DiPillo

    Sarah Reese (23 Episodes)

  10. Jeff Hephner

    Jeff Hephner

    Jeff Clarke (15 Episodes)

  11. Lorena Diaz

    Lorena Diaz

    Nurse Doris (14 Episodes)

  12. Ato Essandoh
  13. Deron J. Powell
  14. Courtney Rioux
  15. Shay Rose Aljadeff
  16. Peter Mark Kendall
  17. Patti Murin

    Patti Murin

    Nina Shore (7 Episodes), Dr. Nina Shore (7 Episodes)

  18. Brennan Brown
  19. Jurgen Hooper

    Jurgen Hooper

    Dr. Jason Wheeler (2 Episodes), Jason Wheeler (6 Episodes)

  20. Mekia Cox

    Mekia Cox

    Robin Charles (6 Episodes), Dr. Robin Charles (6 Episodes)

  21. Jesse Lee Soffer
  22. Cesar Jaime
  23. Tonray Ho

    Tonray Ho

    Nurse Leah (4 Episodes)

  24. Sophia Bush

    Sophia Bush

    Erin Lindsay (4 Episodes)

  25. Nick Marini

    Nick Marini

    Danny Jones (4 Episodes)

  26. Branscombe Richmond

    Branscombe Richmond

    Keoni (4 Episodes)

  27. Eddie Jemison
  28. Desmond Gray
  29. Jeremy Shouldis
  30. Amanda Marcheschi
  31. Janelle Snow

    Janelle Snow

    Dr. Audrey Lee (3 Episodes), Dr. Lee (1 Episode)

  32. Carlos Rogelio Diaz

    Hank Logan (3 Episodes), Nurse Hank Logan (1 Episode)

  33. Kara Killmer

    Kara Killmer

    Sylvie Brett (3 Episodes)

  34. Mia Park

    Mia Park

    Nurse Beth (3 Episodes)

  35. Nora Dunn

    Nora Dunn

    Dr. Richardson (2 Episodes)

  36. Tosin  Morohunfola
  37. Chris Johnson

    Chris Johnson

    Doug Kline (2 Episodes)

  38. Abigail Boucher
  39. Alyssa Freeman
  40. Saurabh Pande
  41. Torian Miller

    Barista (2 Episodes)

  42. Zabryna Guevara
  43. Ariana Burks

    Bria Scott (2 Episodes)

  44. Marc Grapey

    Marc Grapey

    Peter Kalmick (2 Episodes)

  45. Casey Tutton
  46. Dennis Bisto
  47. Lenne Klingaman
  48. Karen Aldridge
  49. Joey Luthman
  50. Alana Arenas
  51. Kiki Layne

    Kiki Layne

    Emmie Miles (1 Episode)

  52. Chuck Quinn

    Chuck Quinn

    Ray (1 Episode)

  53. Toya Turner

    Toya Turner

    Jayna Miles (1 Episode)

  54. Erin Elizabeth

    Orderly (1 Episode)

  55. Alex Weisman

    Alex Weisman

    Chout (1 Episode), Paramedic Chout (1 Episode)

  56. Jodi Kingsley
  57. Monica Raymund
  58. Paul Ben-Victor
  59. Alex Hernandez

    Alex Hernandez

    Javier (1 Episode)

  60. Demetria McKinney
  61. Jennefer Folsom

    Jennefer Folsom

    Gayle (1 Episode)

  62. Eric C. Lynch

    Eric C. Lynch

    Andre (1 Episode)

  63. Collin Geraghty

    Collin Geraghty

    John (1 Episode)

  64. Sadieh Rifai

    Sadieh Rifai

    Nurse Deb (1 Episode)

  65. Maynor Alvarado

    Maynor Alvarado

    Marco (1 Episode)

  66. Skarlett Beverly

    Skarlett Beverly

    Joy (1 Episode)

  67. Anderson Hayes

    Bobby (1 Episode)

  68. Alexandra Grey
  69. Marie Weiss
  70. Brian Grey

    Mr. Dobbs (1 Episode)

  71. Kanya Iwana

    Kanya Iwana

    Farah (1 Episode)

  72. Norman Yap

    Norman Yap

    Translator (1 Episode)

  73. Herb Porter

    Uncle Miles (1 Episode)

  74. Daniel J. Travanti
  75. Jeffrey A. Blockson
  76. Victor Holstein
  77. Betty Buckley
  78. Anita Gillette

    Anita Gillette

    Ruth (1 Episode)

  79. Tai'isha Davis
  80. Lawrence Grimm

    Lawrence Grimm

    Lawrence (1 Episode)

  81. Elias Koteas
  82. Maddi Clarke

    Phoebe (1 Episode)

  83. Steve Casillas

    Steve Casillas

    Ignacio (1 Episode)

  84. Kayla Carter

    Lana (1 Episode)

  85. Tony Lawry

    Driver (1 Episode)

  86. Kara Davidson

    Kara Davidson

    Woman (1 Episode)

  87. Steve Lords

    Puking Man (1 Episode)

  88. Haley Brooke Walker
  89. Mildred Marie Langford
  90. Paul Grondy

    Bart Logan (1 Episode)

  91. Armando Carlo IV

    Kyle (1 Episode)

  92. Robert Gossett
  93. Paloma Nozicka

    Paloma Nozicka

    Pamela (1 Episode)

  94. Julian Hester

    Eliot (1 Episode)

  95. Kamal Hans

    Kamal Hans

    Dr. Choudry (1 Episode)

  96. Brenda Barrie

    Brenda Barrie

    Ms. Goff (1 Episode)

  97. Rob Campbell
  98. Corey Hendrix

    Corey Hendrix

    Jim Vance (1 Episode)

  99. Abby Rose Merrill
  100. Christopher Popio
  101. Michael William Freeman
  102. Jaylen Moore
  103. Joey Morgan

    Joey Morgan

    Ted Baylor (1 Episode)

  104. Karissa Murrell Myers
  105. Salar Ghajar
  106. Matt Kissane
  107. Eric Staves

    Eric Staves

    Ike (1 Episode)

  108. Anish Jethmalani
  109. Rula Sirhan Gardenier
  110. Jerod Haynes
  111. Amy Morton

    Amy Morton

    Trudy Platt (1 Episode)

  112. Judi Lee

    Dr. Joann Gray (1 Episode)

  113. Justine C. Turner
  114. Nikea Gamby-Turner
  115. Alex Moss
  116. Gina Taliaferro
  117. Marzena Bukowska

    Ida (1 Episode)

  118. Isabel Liss

    Isabel Liss

    Sonya (1 Episode)

  119. Kelsey Shipley

    Woman #1 (1 Episode)

  120. Vanessa Flores

    Woman #2 (1 Episode)

  121. Kristin Collins
  122. Duke Czlonka

    Duke Czlonka

    Rudy's Dad (1 Episode)

  123. Sam J. Frentzas

    Son (1 Episode)

  124. Rosie Benton
  125. Caroline Heffernan
  126. Louis C. Giordano
  127. Gino Montesinos
  128. Sean Bradley

    Sean Bradley

    Lyle (1 Episode)

  129. Alex Dauphin
  130. Maurice Demus
  131. Selena Roque

    Becca Dodd (1 Episode)

  132. Julie Ariola
  133. Leah Karpel

    Grace Snow (1 Episode)

  134. Connor McNamara
  135. Zach Thomas

    Zach Thomas

    Gabe Moore (1 Episode)

  136. Richard Perez

    Robert (1 Episode)

  137. Kristi Engelmann

    Kristi Engelmann

    Lisa (1 Episode)

  138. John Henry Roberts
  139. Sharon Freedman
  140. Aaron Barker

    Cop (1 Episode)

  141. Andy Lutz

    Bartender (1 Episode)

  142. LaShawn Hazelwood

    Nurse (1 Episode)

  143. Laura Heisler
  144. Scott Morehead
  145. Erica Hubbard
  146. H.B. Ward

    Rod Winter (1 Episode)

  147. Cyrus Alexander
  148. Tracey Kaplan
  149. Adam Poss
  150. Raymond Stumbaugh
  151. Ashley Grace
  152. Joseph Kibler

    Joseph Kibler

    Nick (1 Episode)

  153. Samantha Marie Ware
  154. Coburn Goss
  155. Rick Uecker

    Rick Uecker

    Mr. Pepper (1 Episode)

  156. Audi Resendez
  157. Jenny Bacon

    Jenny Bacon

    Angela Azen (1 Episode)

  158. Doris Morgado
  159. Morgan Lily

    Morgan Lily

    Nancy Leigh (1 Episode)

  160. Guy Massey

    Guy Massey

    Dave Azen (1 Episode)

  161. Cara Greene
  162. Hal Kilgore

    Hal Kilgore

    Janitor (1 Episode)

  163. Andrew Brooks

    Tom (1 Episode)

  164. Micaiah Isaiah

    Evelyn (1 Episode)

  165. Josh Bywater
  166. William R. Moses
  167. Jason Gerhardt
  168. Lia D. Mortensen
  169. Garcelle Beauvais
  170. Cassie Beck

    Cassie Beck

    Gayle Parks (1 Episode)

  171. Eamonn Walker
  172. Joe Cipriano
  173. Jesse Spencer
  174. Arvin Jalandoon
  175. Naima Hebrail Kidjo
  176. Taylor Kinney

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Season Crew 32



  1. Derek Haas

    Derek Haas

    Writer (23 Episodes)

  2. Diane Frolov

    Writer (5 Episodes)

  3. Stephen Hootstein

    Writer (5 Episodes)

  4. Andrew Schneider

    Writer (5 Episodes)

  5. Jeff Drayer

    Writer (5 Episodes)

  6. Danny Weiss

    Writer (4 Episodes)

  7. Eli Talbert

    Writer (4 Episodes)

  8. Joseph Sousa

    Writer (4 Episodes)

  9. Safura Fadavi

    Writer (3 Episodes)

  10. Shelley Meals

    Writer (3 Episodes)

  11. Darin Goldberg

    Writer (3 Episodes)

  12. Jason Cho

    Story (1 Episode)

  13. Paul R. Puri

    Story (1 Episode)


Episodes 23


Soul Care

September 22, 2016

Dr. Rhodes begins a fellowship in cardiothoracic surgery, only to have problems with his new boss. Dr. Choi is the new chief resident. Dr. Charles approaches Sarah with an interesting opportunity that catches her off-guard. April faces her recently discovered illness.

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Win Loss

September 29, 2016

Dr. Manning and Dr. Rhodes separately treat complicated cases involving sick babies, only to uncover that the two cases could actually be intertwined. Elsewhere, Dr. Halstead and Dr. Charles treat a homeless man with an upbeat disposition who sheds some valuable insight that prompts one of the doctors to learn a thing or two along the way. Dr. Choi has a Navy corpsman follow him for the day as they deal with the toll of gang violence in the city, while Dr. Reese tries to understand the delicate balance required in her new position.

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October 6, 2016

Dr. Manning and Jeff Clarke are forced to figure out a mystery illness when an Indonesian man who doesn't speak English arrives at the hospital in dire straights. Maggie takes Dr. Halstead to her family reunion. Dr. Rhodes takes on a complicated heart surgery without consulting Dr. Latham. Dr. Reese and Dr. Charles encounter a woman experiencing an unusual pregnancy.

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October 13, 2016

Several patients are discovered to have the same rare infection, prompting Dr. Charles' daughter Robyn, an epidemiologist, to be brought in to find the common link. Dr. Choi and Dr. Rhodes work on an elderly man who is discovered to be very ill, but a conflict in how to best treat him develops between his son and his young girlfriend. Meanwhile, Dr. Reese tries to help a young drug addict and Maggie tends to a patient who is dear to her heart.

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October 20, 2016

A car accident that occurs at the Chicago Marathon leaves a victim in critical condition and tests the mettle of Dr. Halstead, April and her fourth-year medical resident brother Noah, who must perform a difficult procedure in the field. A mother brings in her 8-year-old girl experiencing a sudden hearing loss and Dr. Manning is left to tend to the case, which takes a complicated turn. Dr. Choi deals with Olga, a woman who is malnourished, prompting him to bring in Dr. Charles to help assess the case. Meanwhile, Goodwin takes measures to get her personal life in order.

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October 27, 2016

Dr. Manning tends to a young cancer patient and struggles to inform the parents of her dire condition. Elsewhere, Dr. Reese gets contacted by Danny, the troubled young man, and turns to Dr. Charles and Det. Lindsay for help in resolving a difficult situation. Goodwin and Maggie do their best to clear the logjam in the hospital and Dr. Rhodes fine-tunes his instincts after both Dr. Latham and Dr. Halstead pick up on things he doesn't. Meanwhile, a teenage science geek and her friends impress Dr. Choi and Natalie with their bio-engineering lab.

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November 3, 2016

Sharon Goodwin's childhood sweetheart arrives at the hospital, but finds himself in dire straits. To help get his financial footing, Dr. Halstead gets lured into a concierge doctor app idea. Meanwhile, a young woman with a heart infection is treated by Dr. Rhodes against Dr. Charles' advice and Reese's former patient, a sex trafficking victim, reaches out to her for help.

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Free Will

November 10, 2016

Dr. Halstead and Dr. Manning deal with two warring brothers who are brought together when one finds himself in desperate need of a kidney. Dr. Reese's former patient Danny comes to a crossroad. Dr. Rhodes and Dr. Latham treat a 16-year-old girl with a genetic condition in need of surgery, but whose overprotective mother disagrees with that course of action. A convict with unusual intentions puts himself in the hospital and Dr. Charles meddles in his daughter Robyn's personal life, much to her dismay. Meanwhile, Dr. Halstead and April make a discovery that complicates her treatment for TB.

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January 5, 2017

Goodwin tasks Dr. Charles with evaluating a patient as a possible heart recipient, while Jeff makes a confession to Dr. Manning. Dr. Choi deals with two MMA fighters who are brought into Chicago Med in bad shape. Elsewhere, Dr. Stohl returns to the hospital from his sabbatical leave and immediately offers up different medical opinion regarding the treatment of a patient under the care of Dr. Halstead. April discovers her TB medication may lead to further complications.

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Heart Matters

January 12, 2017

Dr. Rhodes and Dr. Charles' heart transplant patient gets into a car crash, revealing issues that could complicate her surgery. A past arrest causes trouble for Maggie when the arresting officer is brought to Chicago Med with a serious injury. Elsewhere, Dr. Manning and Dr. Halstead must defend their actions when explaining a patient's cause of death. Meanwhile, Dr. Halstead attempts to treat an uncooperative horse jockey.

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January 19, 2017

It's a long night on the graveyard shift at Chicago Med, especially for Dr. Reese, who must deal with pronouncing patients dead on more than one occasion. April gets called in to work, much to the dismay of Tate, who pressures her to slow down. Meanwhile, Dr. Charles passes along some vital news to Dr. Latham, and Goodwin asks Dr. Rhodes to work on a most unusual patient.

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February 2, 2017

Dr. Manning and Dr. Charles treat a teenage girl with a rapidly changing set of symptoms that has everyone perplexed. Dr. Choi and medical student Jeff Clark encounter a 19 year-old tough guy who is brought into the hospital in severe distress. Once they establish the cause of the pain, the situation quickly turns dangerous and a resolved Dr. Reese does her best to help. Dr. Halstead must deal with a difficult case that is further complicated by Dr. Stohl, who has a camera crew following him around to shoot a promotional video spotlighting the hospital.

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Theseus' Ship

February 9, 2017

Dr. Rhodes convinces Dr. Latham to join him for a medical trip out of town. Dr. Manning treats an 8 year-old cancer patient who wants to give up on his battle. Elsewhere, an unhealthy woman with heart problems is brought in and doesn't want to listen to doctors. Meanwhile, Dr. Choi, Dr. Charles and Dr. Reese work on a complicated case involving a woman with a personality disorder.

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Cold Front

February 16, 2017

Chicago Med braces for an influx of trauma patients when a pre-dawn pileup finds the hospital in full scramble mode. As a result of the storm and emergencies, supplies become limited and Goodwin, Dr. Manning and Dr. Halstead must deal with making an impossible decision. Meanwhile, Dr. Choi handles a severely burned patient who has one final request and Dr. Charles deals with an agitated patient.

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Lose Yourself

March 2, 2017

It's a miracle when a trauma patient survives the trip to the hospital, putting the pressure on Dr. Rhodes to keep the man alive. Dr. Choi and Dr. Manning have difficulty diagnosing the location of infection in a paralyzed patient. Dr. Reese must find purpose for a grieving widower who relies on a superhero costume. Meanwhile, April pushes Dr. Halstead to use unproved medications to help a patient with no other options.

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March 9, 2017

Dr. Reese is contacted for help by a troubled teen in a psychiatric facility and Dr. Manning tries to help parents make a decision about their comatose daughter's surprise pregnancy. April begins to deal with repercussions from her personal life. Meanwhile, Dr. Choi and Dr. Rhodes work to save both a young girl from Ecuador who collapsed mid-flight, as well as her mother, who made great sacrifices for her daughter.

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Crew 2

Directed by: Laura Belsey

Written by: Joseph Sousa

Guest Stars 22 Full Cast & Crew

  1. Ato Essandoh

    Ato Essandoh

    Dr. Isidore Latham

  2. Jeff Hephner

    Jeff Hephner

    Jeff Clarke

  3. Jurgen Hooper

    Jurgen Hooper

    Jason Wheeler

  4. Sophia Bush

    Sophia Bush

    Erin Lindsay

  5. Jenny Bacon

    Jenny Bacon

    Angela Azen

  6. Doris Morgado

    Doris Morgado

    Zulmira Céspedes

  7. Morgan Lily

    Morgan Lily

    Nancy Leigh

  8. Guy Massey

    Guy Massey

    Dave Azen

  9. Cara Greene

    Cara Greene

    Dr. Anita Baker

  10. Isabella Blythe Suarez

    Bruna Cespedes

  11. Hal Kilgore

    Hal Kilgore


  12. Arvin Jalandoon

    Arvin Jalandoon

    Perfusionist Deakins

  13. Rebecca Hurd

    Teresa Azen

  14. Roland Buck III

    Roland Buck III

    Noah Sexton

  15. Brennan Brown

    Brennan Brown

    Dr. Sam Abrams

  16. Jeremy Shouldis

    Jeremy Shouldis

    Dr. Marty Peterson

  17. Courtney Rioux

    Courtney Rioux

    Paramedic Courtney

  18. Cesar Jaime

    Cesar Jaime

    Paramedic Cesar

  19. Mia Park

    Mia Park

    Nurse Beth

  20. Lorena Diaz

    Lorena Diaz

    Nurse Doris

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March 16, 2017

A suicide shakes the staff. Dr. Choi and Dr. Halstead face off over how to treat a patient with stroke symptoms. Family turmoil unfolds when a boy is treated after falling in a river. The importance of learning from mistakes is emphasized to Dr. Reese.

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March 30, 2017

Will is troubled with a moral decision when his former teacher, Dr. Bella Rowan, is faced with a life-threating disease. Dr. Rhodes and Dr. Bardovi get involved in a sensitive situation when Rhodes disagrees with the father of a young patient regarding a risky procedure. Dr. Charles and Sarah handle an unusual case with a pilot that causes Sarah to have memories of Jason Wheeler's suicide. Maggie takes an aggressive approach to training a new nurse.

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Ctrl Alt

April 6, 2017

A hacker demanding a ransom payment shuts down the hospital computer system, forcing the doctors to diagnose patients without the aid of technology. A stressed Goodwin struggles to keep the hospital afloat when an unexpected visit from her ex-husband Bert and his new girlfriend make matters worse. Making use of his former navy experience, Dr. Choi and Noah have to locate a bullet inside a patient with a gunshot wound. Meanwhile, Sarah feels Dr. Charles may be trying to push her out and Robin's unusual behavior worries Dr. Rhodes.

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April 13, 2017

Things get personal for Dr. Halstead when his unsupportive father is admitted to the hospital against his wishes. When treating Will's father, Dr. Rhodes reflects on his relationship with his dad. Dr. Charles gets involved when his daughter Robin's strange behavior continues to intensify and Dr. Choi struggles to help a teenage boy who is desperate to control his sexual urges. Dr. Manning feels the impact of being a working mother when a young boy is brought in for neglect. Meanwhile, Sarah teaches a group of high school students about the responsibilities of having a child by using fake baby dolls.

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Deliver Us

April 27, 2017

Dr. Rhodes fights to save a mother who's desperate to help her daughter beat cancer. Dr. Charles asks Sarah to conduct his daughter Robin's psych evaluation. When Will and Dr. Manning spend more time together at work, Nina goes to extreme measures to get Will's attention. Meanwhile, Dr. Choi puts pressure on Noah when a residency spot becomes available.

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May 4, 2017

Dr. Rhodes challenges Dr. Charles and other hospital staff over the proper treatment for Robin. Dr. Manning seeks help from Det. Halstead when a sensitive case involving a young girl turns into a crime. Dr. Choi and April work together on a conflicting case. Meanwhile, Goodwin helps a friend in distress and, after eagerly awaiting, the doctors are surprised to learn who the new med resident is.

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Love Hurts

May 11, 2017

A new hotshot doctor arrives at Chicago Med causing competition for Dr. Rhodes, Dr. Halstead and Dr. Manning work together to diagnose a Syrian refugee without a medical record. When Robin is admitted back into the hospital for more complications, Dr. Reese takes a different approach to her treatment. Distracted from work because of Robin's worsening case, Dr. Charles is challenged by Goodwin and Noah hosts a graduation party that brings everyone together.

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