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Can only see S1 thru S6 on DirecTV. Don't wanna pay Amazon.

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Hi. I'm watching it on Pop Channel right now, season 6. Next week, either August 8 or 9, they will start re-airing seasons 1-6, from the beginning. I should add I get Pop Channel through DirectTV.

Been watching on DIRECTV. There were 14 seasons, looking for s7 thru s14.

There were 15 seasons and I have them all since TNT stopped showing them and Netflix won't stream them.

I did the same with Gilmore Girls and Friends, and less than a year later they were streaming on Netflix. Utterly ridiculous!

I'll probably borrow the Dvds from my public library.

I can't believe they stop at season 6. The show was still F up til season 8

It's odd to only show the first 6 seasons. Maybe they are licensed differently? Different owners?

Apparently, according to this article, POP has the rights to all 15 seasons now. Guess we just have to wait. See paragraph 3.


Another link re Pop Channel and ER...


Good news!


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