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Will/should a listing be created for the PyeongChang Winter Olympics' Opening Ceremonies broadcast that'll happen at end of this week? (No TMDb listing[s] pertaining to any type coverage of the 2018 Winter Olympics so far exists.)

I have no idea how we go about sports-related broadcasts. On the other hand, Olympic Opening Ceremonies, which are very entertainment based and highly orchestrated, those seem like they fall more under the "Specials" category, akin to the Academy Awards or the Grammys - very specific broadcasts, with beginnings, middles, and ends, that air over the course of four or so hours.

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I don’t think we support the sports related stuff tbh. Exception bring the wrestling pay tv in movie section as video iirc.

Will the following listing remain valid and standing, that a member created today?

I ask as no doubt discussion threads will start being created on it (so far two already have).

It appears that now there also are at least two other new TMDb listings that have been created for 2018 Opening Ceremonies or Olympics coverage:

PS: I'm asking about all this here, rather than in content queries attached to either listing, since this now is a direct follow up to what I asked about atop this thread. I, for one, will like if there's a valid TMDb listing (that won't get deleted), as it would establish a lasting message boards posting location throughout Olympics coverage and afterwards.