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Hi Travis,

Wondered whether we could add the following jobs :


Casting Associate

Hair Department Head


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I have a credit in the post production section of the end titles that only reads "Recordist" (screenshot). We don't have this job, but we have "Sound Recordist". Can I use this instead, the same way we use "Sound Re-Recording Mixer" for "Re-Recording Mixer"?

Yes! I have always assumed those are the same. Similar, but different ones, are ADR Recordist, Foley Recordist and Sound Re-Recordist (all missing jobs I think). :new_moon_with_face:

I think those first two have been added recently, butcan't be sure anymore. I have a feeling I added them to a movie like a day or two ago.. could be wrong!

@lineker wrote:

Yes! I have always assumed those are the same. Similar, but different ones, are ADR Recordist, Foley Recordist and Sound Re-Recordist (all missing jobs I think). :new_moon_with_face:

Thanks @lineker! :kissing_cat: I just added this person as a "Sound Recordist".

@alltimemarr wrote:

I think those first two have been added recently, butcan't be sure anymore.

Yes, they were both added. :smiley_cat:

@janar72 said:

@alltimemarr wrote:

I think those first two have been added recently, butcan't be sure anymore.

Yes, they were both added. :smiley_cat:

That's what I get for not subscribing to this topic. :smile_cat:

But that's also very good news. :snail:

I have been focusing on flicks from the 30's and 40's. How about adding:

Dance Director

I have seen these titles used, but perhaps they are the same as choreographer:

Dance Staging

Dance Routines

Recording Director

@Torq00 said:

Another list from me :grinning:

I'll give some quick feedback on some that may not be needed.

Art Coordinator

Isn't this the same job as Art Department Coordinator?

Construction Manager

Already exists (full list here).

Head Painter

I've seen this one as Master Painter as well. Is it the same as Lead Painter?

Head Hair Stylist

This one already exists as Hair Department Head. With alternative titles it would be resolved easily.

Head Makeup Artist

Makeup Department Head already in the job list.

Aerial Operations Coordinator

Very similar to Aerial Coordinator. Perhaps not needed.

Aerial Unit Coordinator

Also very similar to Aerial Coordinator. Perhaps not needed.

Animal Handler

We already have Animal Wrangler (which is a handler of animals). But maybe there is a difference?

Crane Operator

Not sure if it's different from Techno Crane Operator, but it probably it is.

Lead Carpenter

Should be in Art. Carpenter should be moved as well.

Chief Electrician

This is the Gaffer. Do we really need this one?

Extras Casting Director

We already have Extras Casting. No need for this one.

Foley Supervising Editor

This one should be added as Supervising Foley Editor!

Music Scoring Mixer

We already have Scoring Mixer.

Here are some of my own suggestions (that I posted in the Help topic). Feel free to merge them into a final list once you are done! There are some dupes to your latest ones.


Production Sound Recordist

Production Sound

Sound Re-Recordist

Sound Re-Recording Engineer

Sound Effects Recordist

Sound Co-Supervisor

Supervising Foley Editor

Dialogue Supervisor

Co-Supervising Sound Editor

Dubbing Mixer

Dubbing Editor

Foley Engineer

Foley Recording Mixer

Foley Walker

Supervising Foley Artist

Supervising Sound Designer

Additional Boom Operator

Sound Transfer

Additional ADR Mixer

Additional ADR

Additional Dialogue Editor

Additional Sound Design

Assistant Supervising Sound Editor

Audio Post-Production Coordinator

Second Boom Operator


Supervising Location Manager

Executive Production Manager


Digital Intermediate Conform Editor

Digital Intermediate Data Manager

Digital Intermediate Supervisor

Digital Intermediate Colorist


Second Script Supervisor

I would like to request the following crew jobs to be added. Note that I have been working with older moves (1928-1940s).

ART Associate Art Director Associate Set Decoration

CAMERA Second Camera Second camera operator Process Photography Special Photography Special Effects Photography OR Special Photography Effects

COSTUME & MAKE-UP Assistant Makeup Supervisor Associate Costume Supervision Costume Jeweller Body Makup Artist Makeup Secretary Hat Maker

CREW Company Dance Director Technical Director

DIRECTING Executive Director

SOUND Dialogue Director Music Recordist Musical Adaptation Musical presentation Recording Director Recording Engineer Sound Synchronization (for Score Synchronization, I believe comes from early sound days)

VISUAL EFFECTS Special Effects Director

WRITING Original Screenplay

You should format your post properly, have each job on a new line, either with the list tool, or just end each job with TWO spaces, and the next on the new line.

  • Associate Visual Effects Producer (given as Associate VFX Producer to Olivier Dumont in Guardians of the Galaxy) -> Visual Effects
  • Head of Visual Development (given as Marvel Head of Visual Development to Charlie Wen in GotG) -> Visual Effects
  • Co-Head of Visual Development (given as Marvel Co-Head of Visual Development to Ryan Meinerding in GotG) -> Visual Effects
  • Assistant Stunt Coordinator (given to Dominic Preece in GotG / Kurt D. Lott in Miracles from Heaven) -> I don't know.. Stunt Coordinator is listed in Crew..
  • 3D Art Director (given as 3D/VFX Art Director to Phil Sims in GotG, already added the Visual Effects one, but couldn't add 3D) -> Visual Effects
  • Assistant Script Supervisor (given to Jennifer Wood in GotG) -> Directing
  • Assistant Music Editor (given to Nashia Wachsman in GotG) -> Sound
  • Supervising Location Manager (given to David Pinnington in GotG) -> Production
  • Assistant Costume Supervisor (given to Brendan Handscombe in GotG) -> Costume & Make-up
  • Local Casting Associate (seen multiple times in the last few days!, but of course given as Casting Asociate UK for example) -> Production
  • Local Casting Assistant (seen multiple times in the last few days! see above) -> Production
  • Supervising Location Manager (given to Emma Pill is Mamma Mia!) -> Producton

I apologize for not previewing the format before submitting. It looks fine when I paste from my plain text editor, it just doesn't look right after submission.

(Try again)

I would like to request the following crew jobs to be added. Note that I have been working with older moves (1928-1940s).


  • Associate Art Director
  • Associate Set Decoration


  • Second Camera
  • Second camera operator
  • Process Photography
  • Special Photography
  • Special Effects Photography OR Special Photography Effects


  • Assistant Makeup
  • Supervisor Associate
  • Costume Supervision
  • Costume Jeweller
  • Body Makup Artist
  • Makeup Secretary
  • Hat Maker


  • Company Dance Director
  • Technical Director


  • Executive Director


  • Dialogue Director
  • Music Recordist
  • Musical Adaptation
  • Musical presentation
  • Recording Director
  • Recording Engineer
  • Sound Synchronization (for Score Synchronization, I believe comes from early sound days)


  • Special Effects Director


  • Original Screenplay

This is the Master List which includes recent job requests and a large number of additions. I would be grateful if you could check to see that your requests have been included



14th November 2018


Additional Carpenter

Additional Costume Designer

Additional Draughtsman

Additional Dresser

Additional Graphic Artist

Additional Painter

Additional Plasterer

Apprentice Carpenter

Apprentice Painter

Art Department Archivist

Art Department Auditor

Art Department Buyer

Art Department Intern

Art Department Photography

Art Department Researcher

Art Department Runner

Art Department Supervisor

Art Director

Art Director Prep

Art Finisher

Art Production Assistant

Asset Producer

Assistant Art Department Coordinator

Assistant Carpenter

Assistant Construction Coordinator

Assistant Construction Manager

Assistant Fabricator

Assistant Graphic Designer

Assistant Head Carpenter

Assistant Modeller

Assistant Head Painter

Assistant Production Buyer

Assistant Props

Assistant Props Buyer

Assistant Scenic Artist

Assistant Set Decorator

Assistant Stage Hand

Associate Art Director

Associate Set Decoration


Character Concept Artist

Chief Carpenter

Concept Model Maker

Concept Sculptor

Conceptual Creature Designer

Conceptual Production Illustrator

Construction Auditor

Construction Controller

Construction Estimator

Construction Gang Boss

Construction Head of Department

Construction Production Assistant

Construction Standby

Construction Supervisor

Construction Technician

Construction Tracker

Decor & Lettering Artist

Digital Set Designer


Drapery & Upholstery Supervisor

Drapery Assistant

Drapery Foreman


Dressing Props


End Title Artist

Fantasy Artist

Fiberglass Technician

First Assistant Art Director

First Assistant Property Master

Food Stylist


Graphic Artist

Graphic Design Supervisor

Graphic Designer Assistant

Greens Coordinator

Greens Foreman

Greens Supervisor

Head Model Maker

Head Modeller

Head Painter

Head Plasterer

Head Scenic Artist

Head Sculptor

Head Stage Hand


Junior Draughtsman

Junior Modeller

Key Art Department Assistant

Key Greensman

Key On Set Dresser

Key Painter

Key Scenic Painter

Key Sculptor

Lead Carpenter

Lead Concept Artist

Lead Dresser

Lead Graphic Designer

Lead Greensman

Lead Metal Fabricator

Lead Sculptor

Lead Set Designer

Main Title Artist

Metal Fabricator

Metal Worker

Model Construction Coordinator

Model Maker


On Set Art Director

On Set Carpenter

On Set Greens

On Set Painter

On Set Property Master

Original Poster Designer

Paint Assistant

Paint Foreman

Paint Supervisor


Plasterer Supervisor

Poster Artist

Production Design Consultant

Prop Manufacturing Supervisor

Propmaker Foreman

Propmaker Gang Boss

Props Buyer

Props Coordinator

Props Dresser

Property Assistant

Property Intern

Property Truck Supervisor

Scenic Art Supervisor

Scenic Carpenter

Scenic Construction

Scenic Coordinator

Scenic Gang Boss

Scenic Painter

Screen Graphics Supervisor

Screen Graphics Technician

Sculptor Gang Boss

Senior Art Director

Senior Concept Designer

Senior Concept Illustrator

Senior Greensman

Senior Illustrator

Senior Model Maker

Senior Propmaker

Set Builder

Set Construction

Set Decorating Assistant

Set Decoration Coordinator

Set Dresser Assistant

Set Dressing Coordinator

Set Dressing Fabricator

Set Dressing Foreman

Set Dressing Gang Boss

Set Finisher

Set Florist

Sign Writer

Sign Writer Supervisor

Sketch Artist

Specialist Set Designer

Specialty Props

Stage Foreman

Stage Hand

Standby Construction

Standby Greensman

Standby Props

Storyboard Illustrator

Supervising Construction Coordinator

Supervising Construction Manager

Supervising Graphic Designer

Supervising Painter

Supervising Plasterer

Swing Gang

Titles and Credits



Welding Foreman


24 Frame Playback Operator

24 Frame Video Coordinator

24 Frame Video Operator

3D Camera Systems Engineer

Additional Aerial Photography

Additional Assistant Camera

Additional Camera Operator

Additional Cinematographer

Additional Film Loader

Additional Focus Puller

Additional Photographer

Additional Steadicam Operator

Additional Stereographer

Aerial Camera Assistant

Aerial Camera Consultant

Aerial First Assistant Camera

Aerial Unit Photographer

Assistant Key Grip

Behind the Scenes Videographer

Best Boy Loader

Camera Array Engineer

Camera Attachment

Camera Car Operator

Camera Department Coordinator

Camera Department Supervisor

Camera Facilities Coordinator

Camera Systems Engineer

Camera Technical Director

Camera Utility

Card Loader

CCTV Video Artist

Central Loader

Chief Digital Imaging Technician

Chief Grip

Circlevision Camera Operator


Convergence Puller

Digital Film Technician

Digital Imaging Utility Technician

Digital Loader

Digital Utility

Documentary Cameraman

Drone Camera Operator

Drone Director of Photography

Drone Technician

Edge Arm Operator

Edge Camera Operator

Edge Head Technician

Film Loader

Fixtures Foreman

Fixtures Technician

First Assistant Camera Array

Flight Head Operator

Flying Camera Operator

Gallery Photographer

Gimbal System Operator

Grip Assistant

Grip Trainee

Insert Unit Director of Photography

Key First Assistant Camera

Lead Stereographer

Libra Head Operator


Miniatures Director of Photography

Model Unit Director of Photography

Oculus Head Technician

Original Poster Photographer

Phantom Camera Technician

Process Photography

Publicity Photographer

Red Camera Technician

Reference Camera

Reference Camera Technician

Remote Camera Operator

Remote Camera Technician

Remote Head Technician

Russian Arm Precision Driver

Russian Arm Technician

Scorpio Head Operator

Scorpio Head Technician

Second Assistant Camera Array

Second Camera Operator

Special Photography

Special Effects Photography

Splinter Unit Director of Photography

Steadicam Assistant


Techno Dolly Operator

Thompson Viper Technician

Time Lapse Camera

Time Lapse Camera Assistant

Time Lapse Director of Photography

Underwater Camera Assistant

Underwater Camera Grip

Underwater Camera Technician

Underwater Focus Puller

Utility Camera


Witness Camera Operator


3D Character Prosthetics Illustrator

Additional Costume Buyer

Additional Costumer

Additional Makeup & Hair

Additional Makeup Artist

Additional Set Costumer

Age Painter

Assistant Costume Breakdown Artist

Assistant Costume Supervisor

Assistant Cutter/Fitter

Assistant Fabricator

Assistant Hair Department Head

Assistant Makeup Department Head

Assistant Makeup Supervisor

Assistant Tailor

Assistant Wardrobe Master

Assistant Wardrobe Mistress

Associate Costume Supervisor

Background Costumer

Body Makeup Artist

Body Painter

Breakdown Artist

Breakdown Supervisor

Chief Costume Breakdown Artist

Chief Hair Designer

Chief Hairstylist

Chief Makeup Designer

Contact Lens Coordinator

Contact Lens Effects Consultant

Contact Lens Optician

Contact Lens Specialist

Costume Accessories

Costume Accountant

Costume Artist

Costume Breakdown

Costume Buyer

Costume Concept Artist

Costume Concept Modeller

Costume Construction Supervisor

Costume Daily

Costume Department Assistant

Costume Dyer

Costume Extras Assistant

Costume Fabrication Buyer

Costume Fabrication Supervisor

Costume Fabricator

Costume Fitter

Costume Intern

Costume Jeweller

Costume Maker

Costume Painter

Costume Production Assistant

Costume Production Coordinator

Costume Prop Maker

Costume Prop Modeller

Costume Researcher

Costume Runner

Costume Sketch Artist

Costume Trainee

Costume Truck Supervisor

Crowd Costume Assistant

Crowd Costume Coordinator

Crowd Costume Standby

Crowd Costume Supervisor

Crowd Costumer

Crowd Hair Stylist

Crowd Hair Supervisor

Crowd Makeup Artist

Crowd Makeup Supervisor



Dental FX Design & Manufacture

Dental Prosthetics

Effects Makeup Artist

Effects Makeup Coordinator

Extras Costume Coordinator

Extras Costumer

Fabric Art Finisher


Facial Hair Maker

First Assistant Costume Designer

Graphic Textile Designer

Hair Trainee

Hairdressing Supervisor

Hat Maker

Head Ager/Dyer

Head Cutter

Key Ager/Dyer

Key Costume Assistant

Key Fabricator

Key Hair Assistant

Key Hair Designer

Key Hair Supervisor

Key Makeup & Hair

Key Makeup Designer

Key Makeup Effects Artist

Key Makeup Supervisor

Key On Set Costumer

Key Prosthetic Makeup Artist

Key Seamstress

Key Special Makeup Effects Supervisor

Key Specialty Costumer

Key Textile Artist

Lead Dresser

Lead Makeup Artist

Leather Costumer

Makeup & Hair Trainee

Makeup Assistant

Makeup Creator

Makeup Effects Coordinator

Makeup Effects Painter

Makeup Effects Producer

Makeup Effects Production Coordinator

Makeup Effects Supervisor

Makeup Sculptor

Makeup Secretary

Military Costume Supervisor


Mold Designer

Mold Supervisor


Mold-Shop Supervisor

On Set Costume Assistant

On Set Costume Supervisor

On Set Costumer

On Set Makeup Effects Supervisor

On Set Makeup Effects Technician

Pattern Cutter

Principal Costume Maker

Principal Dresser

Principal Set Costumer

Prosthetic Effects

Prosthetic Lab Technician

Prosthetic Makeup Coordinator

Prosthetic Makeup Designer

Prosthetic Makeup Supervisor

Prosthetics Artist

Prosthetics Dental Technician

Prosthetics Technician

Prosthetics Trainee

Set Costume Supervisor

Silicone Technician

Special Effects Contact Lenses

Special Effects Makeup Designer

Special Effects Teeth

Special Makeup Effects Artist

Special Makeup Effects Department Head

Special Makeup Effects Supervisor

Special Makeup Effects Technical Supervisor

Special Makeup Effects Technician

Specialized Costume Technician

Specialty Costume Cutter

Specialty Costume Fabricator

Specialty Costume Supervisor

Specialty Costumer

Specialty Wardrobe Technician

Standby Costumer

Standby Wardrobe


Stunts Costumer

Truck Costumer

Truck Mistress

Truck Supervisor


Wardrobe Mistress

Wardrobe Trainee



4D Effects Editor

4D Motion Editor

Acting Coach

Action Choreographer

Action Coordinator

Action Vehicle Coordinator

Additional Armorer

Additional Fight Choreography

Additional Stunt Coordinator

ADR Cast

ADR Loop Group

ADR Voice Artist

ADR Voices

Aerial Ground Coordinator

Aerial Operations Coordinator

Aerial Operations Manager

Aerial Unit Coordinator

Aerial Unit Director

Animal Handler

Animal Trainer

Animatronic Creature Effects

Animatronics Engineer

Armory Advisor

Armory Engineer

Asset Coordinator

Assistant Animatronics Designer

Assistant Animal Wrangler

Assistant Armorer

Assistant Choreographer

Assistant Marine Coordinator

Assistant Military Advisor

Assistant Production Controller

Assistant Special Effects Technician

Assistant Stunt Coordinator

Aviation Advisor

Aviation Technical Advisor

Boat Captain

Cable Puller

Cast Coordinator

Catering Manager


Co-Stunt Coordinator

Contract Coordinator

Construction Medic

Craft Service Assistant

Crane Operator

Crane Technician

Crowd Marshall

Dance Director


Dive Operations Coordinator

Dive Supervisor


Extras Coordinator

Fight Coordinator

Fire Safety Advisor

Fire Safety Coordinator

Firearms Safety Coordinator

First Aid

Head Animal Wrangler

Helicopter Coordinator

Helicopter Pilot

Historic Consultant

Historical Advisor

Horse Master

Horse Wrangler


Key Armorer

Key Craft Service

Key Medic

Key Military Consultant

Key Video Assist Operator


Lead Animatronics Designer

Lead Armorer

Marine Department Coordinator

Marine Safety Diver

Marine Supervisor

Master Armorer

Mechanical Effects Supervisor

Medical Coordinator

Medical Supervisor

Military Advisor

Military Coordinator

Military Consultant

Motion Picture Video Coordinator

On Set Medic

On Set Security

On Set Tutor

Paleontology Consultant

Photo Double

Picture Car Fabricator

Playback Operator

Post Facilities Coordinator

Post Facilities Manager

Press Kit

Puppet Builder



Rights & Clearances


Rushes Coordinator

Rushes Runner

Safety Officer

Safety Supervisor

Security Supervisor

Senior Armorer

Senior Special Effects Technician

Senior Wire Operator

Set Teacher

Special Advisor

Special Effects Assistant Supervisor

Special Effects Buyer

Special Effects Foreman

Special Effects Machinist

Special Effects Office Coordinator

Special Effects Senior Technician

Special Effects Trainee

Special Effects Workshop Supervisor

Stage Manager

Standby Armorer

Studio Manager

Stunt Driver

Stunt Performer

Stunt Rigger

Stunt Rigging Coordinator

Supervising Animatronics Designer

Technical Director

Techno Crane Technician

Traffic Control

Transportation Manager

Travel Consultant


Unit Assistant

Video Assist Utility

Video Assistant

Video Engineer

Video Playback Operator

Video Supervisor

VR Producer

Water Safety

Water Safety Supervisor


Weapons Consultant

Weapons Coordinator

Weapons Specialist

Weapons Supervisor

Wire Effects Coordinator

Wire Rigger

Workshop Supervisor

Wrap Supervisor


Additional Script Supervisor

Aerial Director

Assistant Script Supervisor

Assistant to Director

Executive Director

Script Clearance

Script Supervisor Trainee

Second Script Supervisor


3D Color Grade

3D Data Manager

Additional Film Editor

Assistant Digital Intermediate Editor

Apprentice Assistant Editor

Apprentice Editor

Apprentice Film Editor

Assembly Editor

Assistant Colorist

Assistant Film Editor

Backgrounds Editor

BTS Editor

Closed Caption Coordinator

Concept Editor

Conform Editor

Consultant Editor

Dailies Assistant

Dailies Assistant Editor

Dailies Coordinator

Dailies Editor

Dailies Producer

Dailies Production Manager

Dailies Supervisor

Data I/O Manager

Data I/O Operator

Data Wrangler

Digital Data Conformist

Digital Film Colorist

Digital Film Recordist

Digital Film Scanner

Digital Film Mastering Producer

Digital Intermediate Accountant

Digital Intermediate Administration

Digital Intermediate Assistant Producer

Digital Intermediate Client Services Coordinator

Digital Intermediate Conform Artist

Digital Intermediate Conform Editor

Digital Intermediate Coordinator

Digital Intermediate Data Manager

Digital Intermediate Data Operator

Digital Intermediate Executive Producer

Digital Intermediate Film Scanner

Digital Intermediate Film Technician

Digital Intermediate Finishing Artist

Digital Intermediate Manager

Digital Intermediate Online Editor

Digital Intermediate Production

Digital Intermediate On-line Editor

Digital Intermediate Project Manager

Digital Intermediate Recordist

Digital Intermediate Restoration Artist

Digital Intermediate Scanner & Recorder

Digital Intermediate Senior Producer

Digital Intermediate Senior Systems Engineer

Digital Intermediate Supervisor

Digital Intermediate Systems Administrator

Digital Intermediate Technical Supervisor

Digital Intermediate Technologist

Digital Intermediate Versioning Operator

Digital Intermediate Versioning Producer

Digital Intermediate Versioning Project Manager

Digital Lab Producer

Digital Lab Supervisor

Digital Media Coordinator

Digital Post Production Manager

Digital Restoration Artist

Editorial Assistant

Editorial Trainee

Film & High Definition Coordinator

Film Scanning

Finishing Artist

Finishing Editor

Imaging Supervisor

Lead Colorist

Lead Quality Assurance

Negative Checker

Negative Manager

Rushes Colorist

Rushes Telecine Operator

Second Assistant Editor

Second Colorist

Second Editor

Senior Dailies Operator

Senior Online Editor

Stereo Finishing artist

Stereoscopic Assistant Editor

Supervising Digital Colorist

Supervising Effects Editor

Supervising Finishing Artist

Telecine Assistant

Telecine Producer


3D Lighting Artist

Additional Best Boy Electric

Additional Electrician

Additional Lamp Operator

Additional Rigging Gaffer

Additional Set Lighting Technician

Apprentice Rigger

Assistant Chief Rigging Electrician

Assistant Chief Rigging Technician

Assistant Company Grip

Assistant Lighting Technician

Assistant Rigging Electrician

Balloon Lighting Technician

Best Boy Lighting

Best Boy Rigging Electric

Best Boy Rigging Gaffer

Best Boy Rigging Grip

Best Boy Rigging Lighting

Best Boy Set Lighting

Chief Electrician

Chief Practical Electrician

Chief Rigging Electrician

Chief Rigging Technician

Company Grip

Dimmer Operator

Electric Intern

Head Gaffer

Head of Department Practical Electrician

Head of Department Rigger

Key Gaffer

Key Rigging Gaffer

Lamp Operator

Lead Lighting Artist

Lightning Assistant

Lighting Console Operator

Lighting Console Programmer

Lighting Technical Director

Lighting Trainee

Local Rigging Gaffer

Practical Electrician


Rigging Console Programmer

Rigging Electrician

Rigging First Company Grip

Rigging Grip Best Boy

Rigging Grip Foreman

Rigging Lighting Technician

Rigging Second Company Grip

Senior Lighting Artist

Senior Lighting Technical Director

Set Lighting Technician


Special Rigging

Studio Electrician

Theatrical Lighting Designer

Theatrical Lighting Electrician

Theatrical Lighting Production Coordinator

Underwater Electrician

Visual Effects Gaffer


Accounting Clerk

Accounts Assistant

Accounts Trainee

Additional Travel Coordinator

Additional Voice Casting

Archive Research

Assistant Casting Director

Assistant Location Casting

Assistant Post Production Accountant

Assistant Production Accountant

Assistant Production Supervisor

Assistant to Producers

Associate Casting Director

Auditing Accountant

Background Casting

Background Casting Assistant

Background Casting Associate

Background Production Assistant

Business Affairs

Business & Legal Affairs


Cast Production Assistant

Casting Executive

Casting Intern

Casting Runner

Chief Accountant

Construction Accountant

Extras Casting Coordinator

Executive Production Manager

Extras Casting Associate

Extras Casting Director

Financial Controller

Financial Manager

Insurance Services

Key Assistant Location Manager

Key Office Production Assistant

Key Payroll Accountant

Key Production Secretary

Legal Advisor

Local Casting Assistant

Local Casting Associate

Location Accountant

Location Marshal

Office Production Assistant

Payroll Assistant

Petty Cash Accountant


Post Production Accounting Manager

Post Production Intern

Post Production Manager

Post Production Payroll Accountant

Post Production Runner

Pre-Production Coordinator

Product Placement

Product Placement Coordinator

Production Accountant Supervisor

Production Associate

Production Auditor

Production Counsel

Production Finance

Production Finance Manager

Production Lawyer

Production Resources Executive

Supervising Location Manager

Travel & Accommodation Coordinator

Voice Casting


Additional ADR

Additional ADR Mixer

Additional Boom Operator

Additional Dialogue Editor

Additional Music Editor

Additional Music Engineer

Additional Orchestrator

Additional Score Engineer

Additional Sound Designer

Additional Sound Editor

Additional Sound Effects Editor

Additional Sound Mixer

Additional Sound Re-Recording Mixer

ADR Assistant

ADR Background

ADR Boom Operator

ADR Director

ADR Sound Engineer

ADR Stage Engineer

ADR Studio Manager

Assistant ADR Editor

Assistant ADR Recordist

Assistant Foley Editor

Assistant Foley Mixer

Assistant Music Editor

Assistant Music Engineer

Assistant Orchestrator

Assistant Sound Effects Editor

Assistant Sound Re-Recording Mixer

Assistant Supervising Sound Editor

Audio Assistant

Audio Coordinator

Audio Description Narrator

Audio Engineer

Audio Operations Supervisor

Audio Post Producer

Audio Post Production Coordinator

Audio Post-Production Coordinator

Audio Technician

Backgrounds Editor

BTS Sound Mixer

Choir Director


Co-Sound Supervisor

Co-Supervising Sound Editor

Datasat Sound Mastering Engineer

Dialogue Director

Dialogue Supervisor

Digital Engineer

Dolby Atmos Engineer

DTS Sound Mastering Engineer

DTS Stereo Sound Consultant


Dubbing Coordinator

Dubbing Director

Dubbing Editor

Dubbing Engineer

Dubbing Mixer

Dubbing Recordist

Electronic Music Programmer

Epk Sound Mixer

Epk Sound Operator

Epk Sound Recordist

First Assistant Sound

Foley Assistant

Foley Engineer

Foley Recording Mixer

Foley Re-Recording Mixer

Foley Walker

Foreign Language Mixer

Head of Music Preparation

Head of Sound

Lead Orchestrator

Mastering Engineer

Mix Facility Coordinator

Mix Recordist

Music Assistant

Music Clearance

Music Contractor

Music Copyist

Music Designer

Music Engineer

Music Librarian

Music Licensing

Music Licensing Coordinator

Music Mixer

Music Mixer Assistant

Music Preparation

Music Production Supervisor

Music Programmer Supervisor

Music Publisher

Music Recordist

Musical Adaptation

Musical Presentation

Orchestra Contractor

Orchestra Leader

Playback Engineer

Post Audio Manager

Post Production Sound Accountant

Post Production Sound Assistant

Post Production Sound Facility Coordinator

Post Production Sound Facility Producer

Post Production Sound Supervisor

Post Sound Operations

Post Synchronisation

Processed Sound Effects

Production Sound

Production Sound Recordist

Recording Director

Recording Engineer

Re-Recording Engineer

Re-Recording Mix Technician

Re-Recording Stage Engineer

Score Consultant

Score Coordinator

Score Editor

Score Recordist

Score Supervisor

Second Assistant Sound Editor

Second Boom Operator

Senior Audio Producer


Sound Coordinator

Sound Co-Supervisor

Sound Editorial Assistant

Sound Effects Assistant

Sound Effects Design Editor

Sound Effects Librarian

Sound Effects Recordist

Sound facilities coordinator

Sound Mixing Recordist

Sound Production Intern

Sound Re-Recordist

Sound Recording Coordinator

Sound Re-Recording Engineer

Sound Studio Assistant

Sound Studio Manager

Sound Synchronization

Sound Technician

Sound Trainee

Sound Transfer

Sound Transfer Recordist

Sound Utility

Stage Engineer

Stage Recordist

Supervising Foley Artist

Supervising Foley Editor

Supervising Foley Mixer

Supervising Re-Recording Mixer

Supervising Sound Designer

Synchronic Editor

Synthesizer Programmer

Technical Score Engineer

Trailer Music

Utility Sound Technician

Vocal Contractor

Walla Director


2D Compositor

2D Coordinator

2D Digital Producer

2D Lead Artist

2D Paint Compositor

2D Pipeline Manager

2D Pipeline Technical Director

2D Sequence Lead

2D Technical Director

2D Visual Effects Coordinator

24 Frame Playback Supervisor

3D Display Artist

3D Art Director

3D Department Manager

3D Digital Artist

3D Digital Producer

3D Display Concept Artist

3D Lead Animator

3D Model Designer

3D Particle Animator

3D Pipeline Supervisor

3D Producer

3D Scanning

3D Scanning Specialist

3D Scanning Supervisor

3D Sequence Lead

3D Stereoscopic Associate Producer

3D Stereoscopic Production Coordinator

3D Technology Manager

Additional 3D Modeller

Additional Digital Compositor

Additional Matte Painter

Additional Visual Effects Supervisor

Animation Assistant

Animation Camera & Scanning

Animation Designer

Animation Intern

Animation Production Manager

Animation Sequence Supervisor

Asset Supervisor

Assistant Finaling Supervisor

Assistant Lead Stereoscopic Compositor

Assistant Technical Director

Assistant VFX Editor

Assistant Visual Effects Coordinator

Assistant Visual Effects Editor

Associate Visual Effects Producer

Background Designer

Background Prep Artist

Background Prep Technical Director

Blue Screen Supervisor

Camera Layout Artist

CG Effects Artist

CG Effects Supervisor

CG Generalist

CG Lead Artist

CG Lighting Artist

CG Lighting Lead

CG Modeller

CG Modeling & Lighting

CG Producer

CG Production Manager

CG Senior Artist

Character Animator

Character Artist

Character Modeller

Character Rigger

Character Supervisor

Character Technical Director

Color Grader

Color Grading Supervisor

Compositing Intern

Compositing Sequence Lead

Compositing Sequence Supervisor

Compositing Technical Artist

Compositing Technical Director

Computer Animator

Computer Designer

Creative Supervisor

Creature Animation Supervisor

Creature Art Department

Creature Concept Artist

Creature Effects

Creature Effects Designer

Creature Effects Supervisor

Creature Model Supervisor

Creature Modeller

Creature Setup Technical Director

Creature Supervisor

Cyber Scanning

Cyber Scanning Capture Artist

Cyber Scanning Capture Coordinator

Darkroom Digital Effects Supervisor

Data Coordinator

Data Integration Artist

Data I/O

Data Operations Manager

Data Operator

Depth Artist

Depth Lead

Depth Supervisor

Digital Animator

Digital Artist

Digital Assistant

Digital Composite Supervisor

Digital Coordinator

Digital Effects Artist

Digital Effects Compositor

Digital Effects Coordinator

Digital Effects Designer

Digital Environment Artist

Digital Film Scanner

Digital Image Resources Supervisor

Digital Imaging Specialist

Digital Imaging Supervisor

Digital Lab Producer

Digital Lab Supervisor

Digital Matte Artist

Digital Matte Painter

Digital Matte Supervisor

Digital Model Supervisor

Digital Modeller

Digital Opticals

Digital Opticals Editor

Digital Paint Artist

Digital Paint Supervisor

Digital Production Manager

Digital Production Supervisor

Digital Restoration

Element QC Artist

Element QC Coordinator

Environment Artist

Environment Build Supervisor

Environment Frameworks Supervisor

Environment Generalist

Environment Supervisor

Environment Technical Director

Facial Capture Artist

Facial Capture Coordinator

Facial Capture Supervisor

Film Mastering Engineer

Finaling Supervisor

Flame Artist

Flowline Artist

Flowline Technical Director

Generalist Technical Director

Head of 3D

Head of Digital Production

Head of Environment

Head of Layout

Head of LIDAR

Head of Technology

Head of Visual Development

Imaging Coordinator

Imaging Supervisor

Integration Artist

Integration Department Manager

I/O Coordinator

Layout Artist

Layout Coordinator

Layout Lead

Layout Supervisor

Layout Technical Director

Lead 3D Animator

Lead 3D Artist

Lead CG Artist

Lead Compositor

Lead Digital Artist

Lead Digital Compositor

Lead Effects Artist

Lead Element QC Artist

Lead Environment Artist

Lead Generalist

Lead Layout Technical Director

Lead Matchmove Artist

Lead Pipeline Developer

Lead Stereoscopic Compositor

Lead Texture Artist

LIDAR Scanning Supervisor

LIDAR Scanning Technician

LIDAR Supervisor

Look Development

Look Development Lead

Look Development Technical Director

Main Title Animation

Matchmove Artist

Matchmove Coordinator

Matchmove Lead

Matchmove Technical Director

Matte Painting Department Coordinator

Matte Painting Supervisor

Matte Painting Technical Director

Matte Supervisor

Mechanical Effects

Mechanical Effects Assistant

Mechanical Effects Supervisor

Mechanical Supervisor

Miniature Effects Production Manager

Miniature Effects Supervisor

Miniatures Coordinator

Miniatures Supervisor

Modelling & Texturing Artist

Motion Capture Animator

Motion Capture Producer

Motion Capture Production Supervisor

Motion Capture Specialist

Motion Capture Supervisor

Motion Control

Motion Editor

Motion Graphics

On Set Visual Effects Supervisor

Optical Cameraman

Optical Effects

Pipeline Coordinator

Pipeline Developer

Pipeline Engineer

Pipeline Manager

Pipeline Supervisor

Playback Animator

Prep Artist

Prep Supervisor

Pre-Visualization Animator

Pre-Visualization Artist

Pre-Visualization Editor

Pre-Visualization Producer

Render I/O Administrator

Render I/O Coordinator

Render Wrangler

Rendering Technical Director

Research & Development

Research & Development Supervisor

Retouch & Restoration

Roto Animation

Roto Artist

Roto/Paint Artist

Roto/Paint Coordinator

Roto/Paint Supervisor

Roto Prep Artist

Scanning & Recording Operator

Scanning & Recording Supervisor

Scanning Operator

Scanning Supervisor

Senior Character Modeller

Senior Compositing Artist

Senior Compositor

Senior Creature Technical Director

Senior Depth Artist

Senior Digital Compositor

Senior Effects Technical Director

Senior Environment Technical Director

Senior Flame Artist

Senior Layout Artist

Senior Matchmover

Senior Matte Painter

Senior Pipeline Technical Director

Senior Roto/Paint Artist

Senior Scanning Technician

Senior Special Effects Supervisor

Senior Stereoscopic Compositor

Senior Studio Artist

Senior Texture Artist

Senior Visual Effects Coordinator

Senior Visual Effects Producer

Software Developer

Software Production Manager

Special Effects Consultant

Special Effects Designer

Special Effects Director

Special Effects Producer

Stereoscopic 3D Producer

Stereoscopic Artist

Stereoscopic Compositor

Stereoscopic Depth Artist

Stereoscopic Finaling Supervisor

Stereoscopic Producer

Stereoscopic Roto Artist

Stereoscopic Roto Supervisor

Studio Manager

Surfacing Artist

Systems Coordinator

Technical Animator

Texture Artist

Texture Lead

Texture Paint Lead

Texture Photographer

Texture Supervisor

Texturing & Look Development Artist

Tracking Artist

VFX Photographer

VFX Stills Photographer

Virtual Art Department Artist

Virtual Camera Technician

Virtual Production Coordinator

Virtual Production Lab Supervisor

Virtual Production Producer

Virtual Production Supervisor

Visual Effects Animator

Visual Effects Artist

Visual Effects Assistant

Visual Effects Co-Producer

Visual Effects Colorist

Visual Effects Consultant

Visual Effects Data Wrangler

Visual Effects Department Manager

Visual Effects Digital Asset Manager

Visual Effects Director of Photography

Visual Effects Editorial Supervisor

Visual Effects Executive Producer

Visual Effects Facilities Engineer

Visual Effects Facilities Manager

Visual Effects Graphics Producer

Visual Effects Graphics Supervisor

Visual Effects Intern

Visual Effects Lead Artist

Visual Effects Line Producer

Visual Effects Managing Editor

Visual Effects Miniatures

Visual Effects Photographer

Visual Effects Plate Supervisor

Visual Effects Production Coordinator

Visual Effects Production Supervisor

Visual Effects Project Manager

Visual Effects Scanning Operator

Visual Effects Scanning Project Supervisor

Visual Effects Set Supervisor

Visual Effects Stage Manager

Visual Effects Supervising Producer

Visual Effects Systems Administrator

Visual Effects Technician

Visualization Artist

Visualization Coordinator

Visualization Executive Producer

Visualization Lead

Visualization Supervisor

Walk-Through Coordinator


Original Screenplay

Script Reviser

Script Translator

Looks like you got all of my requested changes. I notice that these changes are not yet live. When does that happen?

when Travis has the time. It's not a top priority.

I have three job requests:

One, something to cover an on-screen credit of "Concept by...". Write now we have "Original Concept" and "Idea" both in the Writing department. If I should instead use one of these, please let me know.

Two, something for "screenwriter". At the moment, we have "writer", "screenplay", and screenstory" all under the Writing department. Again, if I should just use one of these instead (instead of asking for a separate credit) please let me know.

Three, something for "series producer". Same story, please let me know if something that already exists should be used.

I think we should add a job like "Planning". For many anime there's this job "企画" (Plan). When there's an English website available, it's usually listed as Executive Producer (エグゼクティブプロデγƒ₯γƒΌγ‚΅γƒΌ). But that's not totally correct I guess.


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