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What's with the wild colors and the modern music? Is this supposed to be historical, or what? I watched the first two episodes, but I really don't think I'm enjoying it at all.

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It's a mash up of modern day and the 16th century.

So, sort of Steampunk. OK, thanks. Which means it will be unlikely that I'll stick with this show. I couldn't watch Vikings either. I prefer documentaries. I mean, I can deal with some stretching of the truth in a historical context, but not stuff like this.

I miss the days when channels like History Channel did real documentaries, not "docudramas."

When I read the previews about the show, they all mentioned that it was a modern day interpretation, with modern music, modern makeup, modern language. If you thought it was more of a documentary, I'm not sure where you would have read that. The only thing I'm having a hard time dealing with is the torture scenes... I mean, I watch the Vikings, and yet these torture scenes are gruesome!