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I've noticed people are barely yapping about Supergirl. Are y'all still watching the show?

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Still watching, but have cooled on it a lot. The show should stick to the feel of season 1. Go back to being fun, campy, basic escapist entertainment. They need to give up on the leftist political crap, stop trying to wedge gay and feminist and single mother crap into everything, etc. It's devolved into yet another show trying to tell me what soda to drink and who to vote for.

Let the show go back to being about Supergirl. I don't give a fuck about the Guardian, Mon-El, Reign and her kid and their daily trials/troubles, aliens, illegal immigration, lesbianism, etc. The show is about everything BUT Supergirl, and it's been that way for a while now.

Also, go back to making it seem like Supergirl is actually powerful and able to handle things. In nearly every case now, she's getting her ass handed to her all over the place, and typically needs a whole entourage of help in order to get her out of bad predicaments. How often did Superman ever need the assistance of Batman, Green Lantern, etc?

Get rid of Mon-El. Stop trying to wedge teen puppy love into a superhero show. Many were for and against Mon-El last season, so they compromised: they didn't get rid of him, but they brought him back, and it's plainly obvious now that he'll be getting back together with Kara. They're just keeping him at bay at the beginning of the season so the Karamel haters don't go berzerk.

It becomes impossible to take a superhero seriously as some major force to be reckoned with when she can be brought to despair merely by not getting a phone call from her boyfriend.

Finally, these repeat several week breaks are absolutely destroying the flow and interest. One break is bad enough. To come back after weeks off to only show 3 episodes and then go back on a several week break is just ridiculous.

I truly did enjoy the First Season, but even though I'm watching it now, I find myself not caring for it.

@shenandoahok said:

I truly did enjoy the First Season, but even though I'm watching it now, I find myself not caring for it.

I feel the same way. It's not that this season is so bad as much as it has no real essence to it and isn't fun or interesting. It's basically just there.

I honestly don't get why people liked season 1 so much. It was way too cheesy I thought. And how is the show not about Supergirl? There are side characters, but Kara is the main focus the vast majority of the time.

I liked season 1. But after barely finishing Season 2, I stopped. Kind of wish I would have stopped mid-season. If I wanted political propaganda shoved down my throat , I would watch, FOX, CNN, MSNBC, or any of the other so called "news" outlets.

Been liking the show since season 1. Liked season 2 also. But this season is awesome, having Odette Annable (I still call her Yustman) showing her acting talent is sooo great to me, and having Amy Jackson (I follow her Indian movie career) is just a bonus. + they're so beautiful of course.