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Sorry if this is old news, but I had never come across this trivia before. I recently heard on a WhatCulture.com video that The Rock was under the impression that the Wrestlemania 29 main event was scheduled to be a triple threat match between himself, John Cena and CM Punk for the WWE World Championship (Rock was supposed to win at Elimination Chamber and not Royal Rumble). Apparently, he revealed this in 2016 but I don't remember reading or hearing about it anywhere! I found this pretty shocking because I think this is the main event that literally everybody wanted (rather than Punk vs Undertaker or the rematch between Cena & Rock or HHH/Lesnar - which I now think about, all those matches were rematches of earlier matches).


I suppose all is not lost though as buy rates were down from Wrestlemania 28. I guess a lot of fans didn't like the idea of being lied to about the whole "Once In a Lifetime" thing. CM Punk himself said that he was heavily trying to promote himself into the match and make it a triple threat but Vince McMahon wouldn't budge on the issue.

Strange. It's almost like McMahon totally misread the entire Punk situation. I'm not talking about not seeing anything in him when he first arrived but the fact that Punk was turning over more merchandise than Cena and that people were literally tuning into see him. No wonder the guy got so bummed, him and Bryan didn't even get to headline Over The Limit (can't remember the year, but Cena and Laurinitus main evented that one).

LOL, and The Rock didn't even mention that he was WWE World Champion when he was doing his press sounds for GI Joe. That must have sucked for Vince.

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That's interesting, I didn't know Rock had that impression either, though I will say I'm a little skeptical it's accurate given that it seems to make more sense that the plan from the very beginning would have been a Rock win at 28 and Cena's retribution at 29. Maybe plans changed somewhere along the line, though.

WM 29, IMO, just suffered from a huge lack of unpredictability (which partially stemmed from them being rematches, as you mentioned). At WM 28, the top 3 matches were Cena/Rock, Punk/Jericho and Undertaker/HHH. Punk/Jericho, while an anticipated match, was pretty predictable, but Cena/Rock could have gone either way. Undertaker/HHH wasn't totally predictable either. Given the rep that Hunter had at the time, I don't think it was totally wrong for fans to believe he could end up being the one to end the streak. 2/3 of the matches were somewhat unpredictable. WM 29's 3 big matches were Rock/Cena II, Undertaker/Punk and Lesnar/HHH II. Rock/Cena II was predictable because almost every fan could figure out they wouldn't do a rematch just to have Cena lose again. Undertaker/Punk was more predictable because of the Paul Bearer factor - it could come off badly for Punk to win a match where the buildup heavily played off a real life death. Lesnar/HHH was the most unpredictable of the 3 because of the "HHH retires if he loses" stipulation. So 2/3 of the top matches here were pretty predictable.

I've always thought the better ideas were the three way elimination that Punk suggested where Punk is eliminated first which then gives the Rock/Cena rematch, or doing Rock/Cena II non-title and having Punk hold the title until WM and doing a 500 day champion vs undefeated at WM match.

Punk is my favorite wrestler ever, so I'm biased, but it always makes me so mad/sad when I think back on what could have been if the company had gotten behind him more. It just sucks.

Interesting. Always figured that a straight rematch was the plan, since they put over Rock the previous year. The triple threat would have been far more interesting, as it would have brought three different rivalries (Cena/Rock, Rock/Punk, Cena/Punk) on a collision course with one another all at once and given us a fresh main event.

We would have been left without that excellent Punk/Undertaker match, but it would have been worth it. I wonder where that'd leave Taker, Lesnar, and HHH, though. I suppose they could have done the Taker/Brock match a year earlier, but Hunter is too much of a mark for himself to skip out on the opportunity to put himself over Lesnar.

It should’ve been Punk vs. Taker, Championship vs. Streak. Punk was Cena’s kryptonite, ended Ryback’s undefeated streak, survived TLC, Hell in a Cell and triple threat matches, and had he defeated Rock at the Royal Rumble and survived an Elimination Chamber match, the logical progression would’ve been the Streak. Punk would’ve been a credible threat and the outcome would’ve been hard to call. Do they give the rub of ending Punk’s 500+ day reign to a man who only wrestles once a year?

Rock vs. Cena II was necessitated by the outcome of their first match. The star of a bygone era should lose to the star of the modern era. It’s an endorsement, a pat on the back, a seal of approval. Andre lost to Hogan, Hogan lost to Rock, Cena will lose to Reigns, probably at WrestleMania 35, and Reigns will lose to the next man at WrestleMania 40-something. Unfortunately it was decided that Rock had to have his ego massaged at WrestleMania 28 before doing business at WrestleMania 29.

29 was such a mess. What a complete waste of a Wrestlemania.