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Hi I am building an app, which basically allows people to do all the stuff u can do on TMDB. IS there an API can I use to signup users through the app? I want to capture all the signup information from the user on an App, and call this API to create an account.

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There is no support for signing up an account on the API. The only place you can signup is the website.

There may have been a chance of this at some point in the past but now with how strict things like GDPR is, there's pretty much zero chance this will be implemented now. I can't trust 3rd party developers to not intercept the information and do something with the data. It's just way too risky now.


Thank you. One relate question the mobile app is almost ready and j want to release it to App Store. I am giving it as a free app. But have google ads and in app purchase to remove ads. I am not clear on how to proceed with the API. Should I get a commercial license or something. Please guide me.

Nope, you don't need a commercial license for a mobile app with ads. You're fine with a developer license. No worries.

Thank you. Here is the link to the app page. Please let me know what you think. The app is yet to be released. I can send a beta version if you want to play around. The actual app will be released in a week.

Thanks to you, I just released the app to the AppStore. I am also working on more advanced search features...please take a look and provide your feedback. Please wait for Version 2. It will have a lot of features..what I released is more of MVP. also woking on Apple TV app.


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