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I have a problem when I get the movies list now playing one time I have the movie between 2018-06-10 and 2018-04-20 and a second time, I have the movie liste between 2018-06-03 and 2018-04-16. I don't understand why ? I execute always the same request:{api}

There is the dates object results:

[dates] => stdClass Object
        [maximum] => 2018-06-10
        [minimum] => 2018-04-20

[dates] => stdClass Object
        [maximum] => 2018-06-03
        [minimum] => 2018-04-16

Thanks for your help

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Any idea ?

Yes, this is a know bug. It's on deck to get fixed in the next week or so.

Can you tell me if you see this anymore? It's been a difficult bug to track down. I made some changes but am not sure if it's fully fixed right now.