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Hi Travis I try now to add some "french named" crew jobs, but I found nothing with my profile (with [FR] in the top of the screen). English job names works fine. Michael

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maybe they aren't translated.

Hi @michael47,

I had to stop using translated names for jobs because of a general lack of structure and quality control for translated data. I don't have a solution for this problem just yet and will be looking more at this in the future.

Bad news, but I understand it.

Good news, as these literal translations make me scratch me itch big time. It's not like you get points for making translations or anything SO WHY DO IT SO BAD AND LITERAL IF ITS NOT EVEN USED IN THE INDUSTRY :rage:
"Thanks" could at least have been translated as "Met dank aan" instead of "Bedankt".... idiot, did you EVER watch the credits of a Dutch movie?!

/end of rant

Maybe a possible (probably totally unrealistic) solution would be to create jobs in multiple languages, and then, (upon verification) they could be mapped between translations, like alternative names for the jobs. For example Regisseur (NL) and Director (EN) would be tied together, but when adding in NL, it would still be popped up when searching for Director, because sometimes "we" just use the international crew names, yaknow.