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Is there a way to sort a list by title instead of original title ? I'm french, and it's very visible in a disney list : "Volt, star malgré lui" (original title "Bolt") is before "Blanche Neige" (Original title "Snow White").

Please have a look :

Also, would it be possible to display the title as pure text to perform a search in a list? Or any other way to filter the list of course.

Thanks for your feedback.

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Hi @Smeulf,

Yes, this is a known "limitation" or "bug". It's a bit complicated to solve properly server side which is why it hasn't been done yet. Unfortunately, I don't have an ETA as to when I can find some time to look at it.

Hi Travis,

Good to know it's on a todo list :smiley:

Would you be kind enough to keep me posted?

Thanks again for the hard job you do on this website!