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Hello, I configured the Portuguese language, but I noticed the lack of updating of the data for that language. How long has the database of other languages (language other than English) been updated?

Is the database of other languages (other than English) updated periodically? If so, is this update done monthly? What is the periodicity of the update?

Thanks for the API.

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Any and all data updates are made by users.
No updates are made automatically.
For example, a movie that has all the data in English, either French or German.
If you are missing data in Portuguese, you can do the updates yourself.
Alias, update is not the correct word.
Better to say Insert Data.

I got it, thanks.

I thought the API information came from a separate database that was updated.

I set up for Brazilian Portuguese, the Brazilian community is very active in themoviedb and is always adding new information.

Now I understand.
Recapturing my memory.
Some things are available for API in 15 minutes.
Others take longer, until about 6 hours.
I've read here a comment from Travis about it.
Maybe Travis would read your comment and talk about it.

Hi @HerbertRichers,

Movie, TV and person data is all part of the same database. The API caches data for 6 hours.

For clarity sake, the website translations are a different thing all together. I try to sync the dits on Locale App a few times a week.