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It appears that if you have more than 8 or so lists some lists are simply not shown in the list selection popup when you want to assign a movie to one or more lists in the web user interface.

This is really an issue for me since I would want to have many more lists than I currently have. I have worked around it by combining several of my lists into single lists but this is far from ideal.

It would be really nice if this could be fixed.

I've tried this on IE, Chrome and Edge and it makes no difference which browser I use.

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Hi @Dark Jedi,

I can probably make that popup scroll with more items, no problem. I've created a ticket for that here.

Great, thanks! I use TMDb a lot (I noticed that quite a few of my humble reviews have become "featured reviews") so I greatly appreciate if this one nagging issue could be fixed.

By the way, it is not really an issue so I did not mention before it but if you are looking at that code anyway, a nice improvement would be if the lists a movie or show is already in could be flagged/highlighted in the popup.

And we have the same problem with public lists — only three of them rotating in "Featured Lists", but what if a user is going to see other public lists? I've found no way, or is it only me?

@MAthePA That's a completely different problem. :wink: There is currently no list discovery right now. It's on my list of thing to get to this year.