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Hi there, I was wondering how can I structure the URI for my favourite movies list with movies details? My favourites list is set to be public. How to get the ID for that list?

I read the instructions and for the Lists, and it should look something like this:

but I am little confused for the favourites list.

Programming beginner here, sorry for bothering :)

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I think Favorite List does not have an ID.
The address of your favorites list is:

Ok, but when I make a call with

I get a response "HTTP 0 Error" Do you have any idea why would that happen?

I do no.
Only Travis Bell help you.

I kindly hope that I will get an explanation from Travis, then... Thank you.

Hi @esoterix202,

It sounds like you're wanting to use the API, is that right? If so, you're mixing up the website and the API. If you're wanting to get some of your account lists via the API, you need to look at the account list options:

You can see a walk through about the authentication here:

You will need to create an authentication token for the API, in order to get a hold of your account id.

I actually have a v4 auth script you can quickly use to get the account id if you want. Enter your read token (from your API settings), click "get request token" then "approve" and once it's approved, "get access token". That will print the account id for you. Then, you can head over to another test page I have for account lists. This one lets you make requests to your account lists.

WOW! How professional and beginner-friendly is this?! Great job, @travisbell ! clap clap clap You've made one mobile dev noob very happy :grinning:

One more question @travisbell . How can I extract additional details for EACH film on my list? Maybe somehow with append_to_response method? Or that is something I can do only with separate movie API call but no with favourite movies list API call? Thanks in advance for the explanation.