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Hi, I filtered by region "US", I get 6 pages of results, 20 movies, missing "Coco" and about 30+ others that are currently playing in my region.{API_KEY}&language=en-US&region=US&page=1

I suspect what is happening is that the results are being filtered by release date filter which I can't control. In the U.S., Coco was released in 2017-11-21. My initial query to get the number of pages returned:

  "results": [],
  "page": 1000,
  "total_results": 724,
  "dates": {
    **"maximum": "2018-02-13",
    "minimum": "2017-12-27"**
  "total_pages": 37

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You are correct, it's being cut off by the date range.

Now playing is just a discover query behind the scenes so if you want to build your own query with a wider date range you are free to do that.

Thanks Travis, I appreciate your hard work on this project.

I do find now_playing() a bit misleading, as I was expecting to see all the movies. Perhaps some clarification in the docs are in order that indicate this limitation.