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I've tried a few times to import a film list into my watchlist. My watchlist is empty & I don't get any errors. There is 0% imported w/ no error cause. What is my problem?

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Hi @mkowales It sounds like the format of the file must not map to the 2 known formats that I've seen from IMDb. Are you able to email me a copy of it so I can see it? You can send it to


Did you receive my email from yesterday?

I did! I'll try to look at it today. Thanks for sending it through.

Ok, I figured this out I think. There was 2 issues, first was a different set of line endings (which is fixed). That's why no items were being detected. The second issue is that the 3 fields that I use (IMDb id, rating and date) all have to present as at least an empty string. In your new_watchlist_import.csv file, the rating wasn't present.

So instead of this:

1,tt4925292,1/25/18,,,Lady Bird,Feature Film,Greta Gerwig,,,94,2017,,,,

I would need it to be this:

1,tt4925292,1/25/18,,,Lady Bird,Feature Film,Greta Gerwig,"",,94,2017,,,,

I'll try to make the importer more resilient and detect this properly but for now that's what will get the items in.

Thank you Travis. You can consider my issue closed.

I'm just posting an update here for anyone else that comes across this thread. I have fixed the issues mentioned here in the thread, including the need for the rating field to be present on a watchlist or favourite import. Obviously it's still required for a rating import :wink:

I'm marking this as closed.