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creating movie app but it is not displaying API data on the main page. it's showing in the console but not on the main page.

can anyone help? I can send you a link to the files.

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Hi @jeffeyblade,

You probably won't get much help here for programming questions. I would suggest using something like Stack Overflow for these kinds of issues.

If you have a specific TMDb implementation issue than I am happy to help.

I can check your code if you upload your code to github.

Got the problem sorted guys :)

another issue I want to filter films by a good ratings

looking on the API documentation but can't find anything

Discover is what you're looking for. More than 26 options to filter data by. :ok_hand:

Cheers Travis.

For some reason I can't get my API to work, really strange.

Here is how it looks, I've got it randomising a film now but still picking up gibberish stuff

var movieUrl = '',
    apiKey = 'api_key=###&include_adult=false&language=en-US&region=GB';

Don't know if I could help anywhere do you?


Hi Jeffey,

I wouldn't post a API key ;)

For filtering use the discover function:

I recommend you to be more familiar with REST and Java/Kotlin. Here is an example TMDb project:

(I removed the API key)

@chrisbln said:

I can check your code if you upload your code to github.

Hi Chris,

I don't know Java at all. I have uploaded my app on to GitHub.

if you could, can you look at my IndexAPI.js file, this is where the issue is, I have played around with it but it seems it won't work :(


Hi Jeffey,

I can only help you with Android/Java/Kotlin but not with JavaScript. :(

The best is to lookup some tutorials / samples.