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Hello! I'm building an app in Ionic where I can search for a TV-show using the tmdb api. And when I select the tv-show from the search list, I want to be able to view the next air date of that tv show. Is that possible?

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Hi @matsson, at this time it is not. I have some plans to make that kind of a query a bit easier but right now it's not something you can get very easily.

Is there a possibility to just view when the last episode was aired then? Thank you for your reply!

There isn't really, I have two open tickets for this:

I am hoping to get those sooner than later. I will update this post when I have them completed.

Hi Travis,

Is there any update on this ticket?

None at this time. Still planned.

Just an update, tickets #470 and #471 were completed this morning. These two tickets include adding a last_episode_to_air and next_episode_to_air field to the TV series get details call. The documentation for the get details method can be found here.

P.S. you might not see the updated responses on all TV series yet, as some items will still need to be expired from the cache.