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Yesterday i added 2 tv pilots that were green lighted to series, Black Lightning and The Resident which was listed here but someone deleted "The Resident", Why? I contribute to IMDb too, I have added over 720 titles there and I find this very disrespectful. If you are going to delete people's stuff, then this site is not for me, pathetic really. It takes a while to work on each of the titles and for it to be deleted without even giving a reason is downright insulting. I was about to add more today but I don't think i will anymore.

Edit: I also noticed that the rogue admin Paszt also tagged Black Lightning as a PILOT, I'm sorry but I pretty much look over all the TV pilots and new TV series title on IMDb and Black Lightning has been picked to series, can someone tell her to stop abusing her rights ( I assume it was her who deleted it), Abusive admins are not good for sites, any sites.

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@Warpath said:

eeek, recent activity of paszt shows me that he/she/it is going through my additions eyes

Someone has to monitor the new series. But the better your edits are, the less likely they are to follow you around.

and deleting most of the backdrops i added angry

You added some pretty low quality backdrops (e.g. Mayor and The Gospel of Kevin). worried

moved 3 of the show i added that will air between July and the the end of this year to the end of Next year and has "locked" the dates preventing me from fixing it

Which ones?

Black Lightning, The Mayor, The Gospel of Kevin, The Orville, and Ghosted.. The last 4 have trailers out and will all air in Fall but their release date has been moved to August-November 2018 and then its locked so i can't fix it :/

Are you referring to the original air date? That field cannot be edited. It uses the air date of the first episode of the season. smile_cat

Black Lightning, The Mayor, The Gospel of Kevin, The Orville, and Ghosted currently do not have a first episode. It is standard procedure to delete upcoming episodes with unknown (or rumoured) info.

The date will itself when the right air date is entered, but in the meantime I think it is safer to use a date that is farther away.

Safer indeed, but over a year and a half away? people mistake tv series for Movies, Its understandable to tag a big budget movie that started filming say today to release over a year from now but TV shows move with a faster speed..If a Script was ordered to Pilot in February, it starts shooting by March and the Pilot available for viewing by Early May to the Distributors and when greenlighted, will air within the next 6-8 months (unless it was explicitly tagged to be a mid-season release which means it may air around December 2017-April 2018, recent example could be" Midnight, Texas" or "Marlon" which were ordered to series in March last year but will air in then ext 2 months)..

regarding deleting the "first" episode (its something we cannot control, the current system does not allow you to add a TV series without adding a season and an episode first ), i personally would not add an episode myself unless i was sure of atleast the month it would air on but unfortunately I don't know how one can delete that episode (there are no options to delete for non-mods even if they added the title) so what i s the course of action here? "report"? we get a pencil in the "seasons" section, no option for a X ...

Safer indeed, but over a year and a half away?

Are we really going to argue over dummy dates? They shouldn't be used as an indicator of when the series will air when the release date is 100% unknown.

but unfortunately I don't know how one can delete that episode

That's a mod-only feature for obvious reasons. You could report them if needed, but as long as you have @Paszt on your trail you won't need to. stuck_out_tongue

Travis said via twitter on last Wednesday that he will deal with it once he is back in office on Friday, its Monday in the US now so i assume nothing will come out of this..for a site that wants contributors, it likes treating them badly.... i'm out...

It's a stat holiday here in Canada. I'm not in the office until tomorrow. I have a decent backlog to get through and will be looking at this tomorrow or Wednesday.

Alright, I've had time to read and take all of this properly now, there's a few things at play here.

First, communication. We've been talking a lot more recently about needing a way for moderators to communicate with users better. Right now, the only option is for a moderator to email from their personal (or made for only TMDb things) account. This is hardly ideal for a few reasons:

  1. It's a 1 on 1 conversation when we have a whole pool of moderators available with all kinds of different expertise.
  2. Not all moderators always agree.
  3. It's a cumbersome means of communication.
  4. It's personal when most moderators don't want it to be.

What I need to build is a system that lets moderators bring up issues with a user that are tracked (like a discussion) and that all of the moderators can view and contribute to when needed. The other part of this, would be a way to communicate the reason for a deletion or a reverted edit. Usually there's a good reason but right now none of that information is passed on. I plan on building this better system sooner rather than later. I've also heard requests from the mods too, not just users, about how they want to add notes and the like to different fields and parts around. This would all be encompassed in this yet-to-be-started project.

There's another element to this which is an internal project we're calling the Contribution Bible which should hopefully outline all of the rules and reasons for certain edit choices, proper data rules, validations etc, etc... To give you an idea of the scope of this project, the moderators have built this from the ground up on their own and it's huge. Over 400 items clarifying rules and policies around the data here on TMDb. It's an amazing piece of work. One of the reasons this project is so important is that it's sole purpose is to the be the list of canonical rules we all have to follow. I'm currently working on some API stuff this week but hope to start bringing this to the public next week.

With regards to "rogue" moderators, while it's true mods can "get away" with some stuff that might not be sanctioned, or at the very least courteous, I also haven't built a system to make that experience very easy. Moderators are volunteer like everyone else and when the system is too cumbersome, processes can fall apart.

Now, with regards to my reply timeline here, this is probably one of the single hardest parts of my job. As the only person working on TMDb, finding time to get to everything can be painfully slow. By the luck of the draw you happened to bring all of this up while I was on vacation. On top of that, when I got home it was a long weekend. I try to get to everything but there's only one person working here, so sometimes patience is needed. I have a lot of awesome plans for features and improvements but everything that happens on TMDb is single threaded. I can only work on one thing at a time. Sometimes I am not around. Other times working on a feature, or a bug fix is more important than being here on the discussions. It's literally one thing at a time.

Hope that all makes sense. smiley

Lol, all that Travis and you forgot to discuss the Original Issue, as they say, my OP (original post), why was one of my title additions deleted for no reason? We already know that that admin in question has a habit of deleting stuff without a reason and going to the lengths of deleting images as well and then replacing it with her version which isn't much different. I don't get why nothing has been done thus far, as far as i can see, you seem to agree with this user, sorry moderator's action. The current system in place is neither user nor contributor friendly, there is also no notification system (that works) and there are just too many bugs on this site that makes it harder for contributors to add the maximum information, so i'm still wondering what you will do about the main issue here..

Lol, all that Travis and you forgot to discuss the Original Issue, as they say, my OP (original post), why was one of my title additions deleted for no reason?

I can't say. The main point of my post was to outline that this is the inherent issue and that with the ways outlined, I plan to fix it in the future. Another thing to mention is that it's very possible in the future, deletes won't be permanent. They'll go into a queue and need a consensus (or say, minimum 2 moderators) to be fully removed.

The current system in place is neither user nor contributor friendly, there is also no notification system (that works)...

Agreed, I outlined this in great detail.

and there are just too many bugs on this site that makes it harder for contributors to add the maximum information

Give me the bugs and I will do my best to fix them. I haven't seen any reports of issues in the forums by anyone recently. I can't get to everything but when I am made aware of issues, I do my best to get through them.

so deletes are permanent? and you won't be able to restore the deleted tv series? cry

regarding bugs, i always had issues in 3 sections "Crew" "Genres & Keywords" and "Production Information" ..with Crew, the most common crew type is Producer, i recently added a title to imdb which had only 6 actors but 18 producers, now the issue is that i generally copy the name of the producer straight from IMDb to avoid spelling issues (i had a few of those earlier) and then we have to type the full "Producer" in the Job section before we can select the right auto-hint, its usually simpler for other jobs like cinematographer and editor and even director as you can get the first or 2nd option byjust typing the first 2 words but for producer, you basically have to type the full job description and its kinda irritating, will it be possible to give priority to Producer when you Type "Pr"?

Regarding the Genres & Keywords and Production Information section, i have the same issue, for example, If i added say "mutant" in the Keyword section and then "superhero" and if i tried to add a third option, it ends up deleting the other 2 previous keywords, its the same issue for when trying to add "Genres" and "Production Companies" (i.e removed the other genres i added or production company names )and thus i'm forced to limit keywords and companies to 2, anyone else have this issue? The drop down option is bugged somewhat and may be the problem....maybe it can setup in such a way so that once a say keyword is selected, it gets moved up a line so that the auto-hint (or whatever its called) is no longer on the same line/paragraph as the keyword.

The keywords/companies are only bugged after you save them/no longer have the field active and then try to edit again. I think it's been pointed out before, so after you save them, and want to add another, or accidentally click outside the input field, either tab back into it to make it active, of save and refresh the page.

After you accidentally delete the keywords that way, don't hit save, but instead reload the page, that way the original input is kept.

The crew thing... I think the list is not alphabetical, but rather listed in a way where oldest added jobs are below and newest on top. I think Poducer was just added at the very beginning before all kinds of Production blablabla ones!

I'll see what I can do about the keyword and genre editors. They're mostly plug and play components from a 3rd party but there might be a problem with my integration. I've created a new ticket for this and will look at it when I have some time.

Sorry for bumping, I thought this was the best place without opening a new thread... get your shit together with moderation. was deleted for which was created like 2 weeks ago when the other one is months old (and it was just as complete and even more correct with the og title). Again with 0 public reports... just like all the other OVAs and the like that just get randomly trashed. Misstrust in mods +2000

I have been working on anime again more recently (those which I've been watching at least), but those recent deletions weren't me.. (Only that Sword Art Extra Edition one from way back when :-P)

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