Leo (2023)

Written by r96sk on February 17, 2024

Unexpectedly quite fun.

Happy Madison Productions and Netflix teaming up for an animation flick hardly sets the pulse racing and as such I was, perhaps naively, anticipating 'Leo' to fall rather flat. Happily, I was wrong. It does a great job at merging meaning and humour, I laughed a fair bit.

My negative predictions were almost confirmed as soon as Adam Sandler starts talking in this 2023 film, as the voice he puts on was one I thought was going to be very grating. However, again, that was not the case. He makes it work and then some. Bill Burr is also a pleasant cast member. The rest of the voice bunch are good too.

The musicial elements aren't the most fitting, though in all honesty don't drag the film down all that much. Overall, a relatively exceptional movie.