The Family Plan (2023)

Written by The Movie Mob on December 16, 2023

The Family Plan is another forgettable streaming knockoff that is only worthwhile for diehard Wahlberg fans.

The Family Plan is an entertaining film, largely due to the charisma of its lead stars. However, the script lacks originality and the plot is predictable, resulting in a forgettable viewing experience. It almost feels as though Apple+ used an AI generator to create a generic spy comedy centered around a family discovering their father's secret assassin identity. The action sequences are passable, but the story follows such familiar beats that it fails to hold my interest. Thankfully, Mark Wahlberg and Michelle Monaghan's performances add some enjoyment to the film, preventing it from being completely dismissible. While I found it enjoyable to watch once, I don't see myself revisiting it. Ghosted offers a more entertaining take on the spy-comedy genre. Nonetheless, if your watchlist is lacking options, Wahlberg and Monaghan's presence might make The Family Plan worth a try.