Happy Feet Two (2011)

Written by r96sk on September 6, 2020

Who would've predicted that Brad Pitt and Matt Damon would be the stars of a 'Happy Feet' sequel?!

Those two are the only real positives of 'Happy Feet Two'. It's a better film than the original, so it deserves credit for that. However, both productions are just super uninteresting to me. The plot to this one is an improvement, even if it doesn't massively change it up. I do like, as in the first film, how the real life humans are merged in with the animation though.

Pitt (Will the Krill) and Damon (Bill the Krill) are the only ones who stand out, even if their characters are entirely pointless - they are basically this series' Scrat ('Ice Age'). Robin Williams and Hank Azaria are good too, here.

It is all very forgettable though, even if it does emulate the 2006 production.