Nothing but Trouble (1991)

Written by stugood on March 21, 2019

Now, here's a film that doesn't quite know it's 1991 and attempts a bizarre ode to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974), albeit with PG sensibility. Demi Moore is one of the film's main revelations and she masters its wackiness with a strangely befitting coolness. Ackroyd is the wackiness, but that's only if you can recognize him under the genius of the makeup-grotesquery.

Ackroyd directs here as well as plays the hick judge of a-town-time-forgot and has a lot of fun playing with unsuspecting passers-through. The set pieces are inspired too and this truly is an odd yet fun ride, once it gets going. The only real contention is Chevy Chase who's a real stick in the mud - Tom Hanks was unfortunately busy.