The Basement (2018)

Written by a_southern_horror_fan on August 18, 2018

The Basement" kicks off this basic horror premise with familiar fashion. An abduction and torture porn party favors. There is a quick but impressive set up scene that hints to the horrors in store, it tickles the horror bone and almost champions the idea that this is gonna be a nice, indie gem. Almost.

Conley and Ives don't offer anything that hasn't been scene or written before, but they do show an effort in creating a story with continuity and depth. The production and cinematography is spot on, edging toward perfect. The characters are standard constructs, common to most movies in this aubgenre, the notable standouts here are both Jackson Davis and Cayleb Long, who give exceptional performances.

The acting at times falters somewhat, a few of Gemini Killer's personalities fall a bit flat- for the most part Davis rocks the crap out of his role. Long has a bit weaker dialog and isn't as developed as Davis' character, but still it is good enough to make their scenes together captivating. The contrasting scenes with Barton are slightly cumbersome, her character is way too two-dimensional, still it is one of her better performances.

Special effects are limited, but what we get is quality, and play on classic torture tropes. The really big gore scene slips to mediocre slightly but it is still a fun, visceral treat. The real horror I'd heavy psychological melodrama and intense drama that holds solid between the two male leads. The score amps up the atmosphere and is a plus.

Overall "The Basement" is a good movie, one of the better indie torture/revenge horrors I have seen lately. It isn't original by a long shot and the twisted reveal at the end is one you see coming. Still it is worth checking out and the issues aren't enough to kill the entertainment value - even the choppy mansion scenes with Mischa Barton don't hurt "The Basement" too much.