Rough Night (2017)

Written by Reno on February 4, 2018

Bachelorette gone wrong!

This kind of girls night out flicks are not fun anymore. Yet it is hard to ignore them from watching. So I watched it not expecting anything special out of it. And I did not get any. But... it was okayish. Moreover, Scarlett Johansson was the main reason I wanted to watch it. You can't always do superhero, action films. This is something offbeat. Often need to take this path, no to fail miserably, but to relax from the mainstream. So this was enjoyable, but not by all.

It is like the female version of 'Hangover'. Five friends go to Miami for one of theirs bachelorette party. It's supposed to be fun without any rules, but a disaster strikes in the early and makes them to cover all the evidence. The night turns their worst nightmare ever. How they manage to come out of it are the remaining film that revealed with a twist at the end.

The reception was as expected, but it was not that bad if you are seeking only a timepass. It ended like there could be a sequel, but now it seems very unlikely. One of the issues with the film is it was so traditional narrative. With so many jokes repeated from other flicks. The majority won't approve that. As far as I think it is watch and forget kind of film. An average film. Disliking it does not change what it is!