A Dark Song (2016)

Written by Reno on August 18, 2017

The dark as it gets!

It was too slow, one of those films that tests your patience. Not your regular horror flick, but the ingredient was little different than the usual for such theme. A limited cast film and most of the story takes place in an isolated mansion somewhere in Ireland. Where the two people assemble to do some kind of ritual to open the door for the dark force, as well as opposite to that with a reason. Very challenging attempt, had to go through many troubles in the process. But how it all turns out, whether they achieve what they were planning for is what takes us to the final stage where it comes to end with a tiny twist.

This is an independent Irish film. Feature film debut for the director. I don't recognise any of two actors, but they were good. Under a small cost, the film had a better quality. Well created atmosphere, the suspense kept the narration to go all way to the finale. Except the opening, the following parts lagged in any kind of development, but once the final act had begun, the scenario had changed and favoured to end high. I would say, that's what saved this film. Otherwise, I was getting ready to bash it. Yet not the best ending, an acceptable one regarding earlier section of the narration. So a decent film, that can be watched once.