Angamaly Diaries (2017)

Written by Vishnu_Dileep on August 12, 2017

“Over-rated Movie”

Watched this movie after coming forward lots of hype in social medias saying that it’s a must watch movie i felt it has heavily over-rated had great expectations but all was in vain. I felt that the story was copied from lots of Malayalam movies such as Kammatti Paadam, for example the narration part the way the movie starts making up gangs picking up fights then the 2 way love from premam and many movies like that plus to mention the foodies scenes shown in the movie seen a lot like that in salt and pepper and ustad hotel and many more. This movie was trying to bring a new slang into the Malayalam industry for me it felt as the worst slang ever nothing is clear to understand. Each scene ends in cursing and total violence it’s not good for family audience. But I was able to learn that we could make 4 cores by just selling pork if that was the scene the whole of Kerala would have sold pork and got rich makes no sense. Don’t know how this movie was a hit in the Malayalam movie industry it was complete nonsense and filled with lots of garbage. It was a mixture of lots of Malayalam movies they just wanted to fill up the given movie time with garbage that’s all. After seeing this movie I have a complete bad reputation on the place Angamaly in Kerala and the people there. I personally would not suggest this movie to anyone cause if I do your going to end up cursing me. Notable acting Nobody extremely disappointed by everyone’s acting Genre: Action, Comedy and Thriller My Rating: 1/10