The Green Inferno (2014)

Written by Reno on June 26, 2017

Their worst fear came from outside of their protest.

I have enjoyed the Eli Roth's films, even though in some cases I've rated them lower than average rating it had received. But this is not what I was looking for. This is a terror-horror, not actual horror with supernatural or sci-fi viruses. I've learnt the storyline before the watch, but the film was too violent. Even for most of the grown ups. Usually I won't feel a thing for film tortures, because 'fake' is the word always pops up in my mind whenever I see gore.

Anyway, these days, killings in the films are considered entertainment. There is a separate group of fans who follow this kind of theme. But for me, the cannibalism was the one most disturbed. I have no issue with killings, but cannibalism brings totally uneasy. The story was decent, but intentional. You would guess most of the parts. But this film was not about that, just to make you go off of your seat with discomfortable and it succeeds on that.

It was totally opposite to 'Embrace of the Serpent'. It was inspired by the 80s Italian film with the similar storyline. The film was about fighting for the survival of passengers after their plane got crashed in the Amazon forest who are now hunted by Amazon tribes. There's already a sequel on making titled 'Beyond the Green Inferno'. I don't think so, it is a recommendable film, but some are doing that for fun, and some to challenge their friends. Overall, a decent production, with casting, locations and visuals. But I won't favour it.