Mechanic: Resurrection (2016)

Written by Reno on December 4, 2016

Falling in love is a trap, but some men risk everything for it.

This is an unexpected sequel. Actually, I was looking for other sequels from Statham's filmography, particularly the third 'Crank'. I think the idea of going for it was good and the film was not that bad, if your purpose of a watch is time pass. The story was so bad, but the filmmaking was excellent. Because it was made by a renowned German director. Only if he had got a better script, the outcome would have been different. So it's the actors and the director makes it watchable. Other than that, this film falls into the average category.

The story follows after Arthur Bishop was found living in Brasil by some people who know him. Then he narrowly escapes from there and lands in Southeast Asia, where he meets Gina, a woman struggling from domestic violence. But he soon discovers that's a setup. After she was taken captive by an international criminal, now he has to follow his instruction to set her free. So the action begins where he takes a series of missions across the globe and how it all ends follows in the rest of the narration,

It's good to see Jason Statham back to his signature role. This is what he's good at. Even if the story is not good, that's okay, because Statham's presence is a very comfortable to watch without any trouble. Jessica Alba as well, I haven't seen her in any major hit film at the recent time. Even though the film was received below average, it kind of puts them both back on the track.

Definitely they both needed this breakthrough. There's a third film is coming, it's not official yet, but the conclusion was a hint where Tommy Lee Jones can be seen in an important role in the next part. You won't like this film, but surely enjoy it if you are a Statham's fan, that's the only reason to go for it.