The Shallows (2016)

Written by Reno on October 24, 2016

Very close to the shore, yet too far and dangerous to attempt.

I'm sure you have seen shark attack films like 'Jaws', 'Deep Blue Sea' et cetera, and yep this another one to add to that collection. But this was something very neatly done, I mean for the most of the parts. Looked so real, so I thought it might end up top among its similar theme. In the end, I was little disappointed, because of the shark. The portrayal of shark was very natural, until the last half an hour. Then it becomes the common film gimmick when the animal was obsessed to kill its target at any cost.

I am a huge animal fan, but I have never seen a live shark in my life and that does not mean I don't know anything about them. Thanks to the nature television networks and what I saw in this film was very disappointing if you love wild animals. I am not supporting the shark here, I'm just talking about its behaviour. It was not right, other than that, I definitely enjoyed the film. In fact, except the final few minutes, since the shark got pumped up, I had no issue and the best shark attack film. But the final battle ruined overall favour I'm going to give to it, what I thought this film deserved.

Great location, and Blake Lively was unbelievably awesome. In the initial part, she was very sexy, but once the narration shifted its focus on surfing and later shark attack, everything changed. The entire film was edgy, I think very nicely written screenplay. It was a limited cast film and nearly the whole film takes place very close to the shore. A good start, neatly maintained mid part, but a below par conclusion, that's what I think about the film. Slightly missed to be a great film in the line of '127 Hours'. In fact, this looks like a sea version of that film. But I still recommend it, because it's worth.