Maggie's Plan (2016)

Written by Reno on September 29, 2016

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Kind of a refreshing romance-drama on the cheating/divorce theme. Written and directed by Rebecca Miller. A great comeback after the six years of gap, but not a masterstroke. The casting was very impressive, particularly it was Greta Gerwig's typical film. I mean, if you enjoy watching her films, then you would do the same for it. On the other hand, her signature performance kind of bored to me. I mean all her film character was kind of easy-go-lucky soft-touch and comedic girl, I want her to try the different roles and genres. Maybe that's the reason many people had turned it down. Ethan Hawke and Julianne Moore were in the decent supporting roles, but everybody shared enough screen to call its their film too and delivered some good lines.

I had a good time with it, because it was better than I anticipated. The story was good and its entire narration they have developed it finely. Unfortunately, it is an R film, otherwise it could have been a film for all. Kind of it reminds us the Woody Allen's style of presentation. Because you know even in the tough times for film characters, they calm and coolly deals it. So that makes it is a stress free film, especially if you just had a bad day, it might help you cool down. But don't expect the loud laughs in the comedy parts, then you should not opt it.

The overall film is worth a watch, but don't believe those who are saying it is too bad. It might be bad for them, though definitely not bad to bash it top to bottom. The critics thumbed it up, and if you welcome decent films, then go for it and decide yourself. The film has lots of good qualities, but this could be the last film of Greta I'll be watching if she does not appear in a distinct role in her next, because like I said I already bored of her in the same old. Finally, I feel I want to suggest it, but not to everybody, particularly not the youngster, the grown ups might like it better.