We Are Still Here (2015)

Written by Reno on June 14, 2016

A pretty decent horror flick if not a masterpiece.

Not a horror film of the year yet it narrates a quite interesting story in a simple manner. The title itself reveals everything about it. It revolves around a couple who had lost their only child in a car crash. When they move into a country house, they won't relaise it is haunted until it was too late. Obviously the reason behind the house is occupied by the dark forces was disclosed, but like any horror film it had waited until the third act to do so.

This story actually sets in the 70s. The clothes, hairstyles, language, cars, and the buildings, they all take us to the 40 years back, but the screenplay was a disappointment. Like I said it was not trying to be a very clever, but filled with predictable stuffs. Anybody could guess any scenes in the movie and he usually won't be wrong. That's the this film's negativity, other than that it was an okay type.

Not fully impressed by the performances, it was decent though. But the characters were good and shot in a fine location and its surrounds. For a small budget with the unfamiliar faces and an unheard director, it was not that bad, especially the length of the film was too short to feel boring.

This kind of films are not worth recommending, but keeping in my that horror films are usually gets a low rating, even 50-50 rated films too can be considered as a watchable. So all I', saying is that just be careful while deciding on this.