Country Blue (1973)

Written by talisencrw on March 14, 2016

This is a Bonnie and Clyde-type film, though done in then-present-day 70's Deep South. It has a gritty feel, and one feels the angst of the stars, Bobby Lee (who just got out of the slammer on parole, having been inside for a year for an attempted grocery store robbery) and his girlfriend, Ruthie (married to another guy, but can't afford a divorce), trying to get their lives back on track in a dead-end hick-town he can't stand and is tired of just two days later. It's certainly watchable and is in no way as bad as reviews tend to give it. This is Jack Conrad's filmmaking debut, but it's not a monstrosity. After negotiations with Jeff Bridges and Robert Blake broke down for the main part of Bobby Lee, Conrad was forced to play the role himself, and he's no embarrassment. Though it tends to be ridden with cliché, and the main characters are extremely unintelligent in their bank-robbing and getaway approaches, it's still a fun ride and worth checking out if you have the opportunity.