The Last of the Fast Guns (1958)

Written by John Chard on March 8, 2016

Oh Brother!

The Last of the Fast Guns is directed by George Sherman and written by David P. Harman. It stars Jock Mahoney, Gilbert Roland, Linda Cristal, Eduard Franz and Lorne Greene. Music is by Joseph Gershenson and cinematography by Alex Phillips.

Gunslinger Brad Ellison (Mahoney) is hired by a rich tycoon to find his long lost brother. The trail leads to Mexico where hostility and intrigue ensue.

There's nothing overtly fresh about this as per plotting, but it delivers good qualities via some interesting twists and turns. From the sombre beginning it's evident that the makers have contemplation in mind for the narrative drive. Ellison is the last of a dying breed, and he knows it, so should he achieve the task to hand, the $25,000 he will earn could shape his future. As he sets about his detective work, tests come and go, while he is befriended by Miles Lang (Roland) and finds himself flirting with Maria O'Reilly (Cristal). But is everything as it seems? Cast are made of stoic stock, though Cristal is purely eye candy token. Pic is very airy and the Mexican vistas, filmed in CinemaScope/Eastman Color, are gorgeous.

A good meaty Oater that's well mounted, so recommended for genre fans. 7/10