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So Matt's making his Broadway debut in April 2018, for 4 months. Co star's Jim Parsons, Andrew Rannels and Zachary Quinto. All good except for the choice of play, pre-Stonewall gay period piece "Boys in the Band". Lot's of unhappy, bitchy camp gay men, what a waste of talent. And fine for Matt's co star's who do good work on Broadway on a regular basis but a pity Matt hasn't chosen something better for his debut. I was hoping he'd take over from Russell Tobey in Angel's in America (a undoubted great) but Lee Pace got that. Who knows maybe it'll all turn out well and Tony noms all around .

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Agreed, ridiculous stereotypes in Boys. Why box himself in?

I don't know much about this play. I wonder Matt's motivation in doing this one. Maybe he's not getting much other material. I know he's been dying to be on Broadway. Hanging out with his buddies doing this show much be an attractive proposition for him. Plus it's a limited showing. Maybe the script is good. Yes he seems to getting boxed further and further with his choices. Don't know if his role is meaty enough. Any chances of critical appraise?

Though I'm underwhelmed by the choice of play it is a very high quality cast and director. I'm hoping Matt can shine in this but that could be hard with his co actor's so experienced on Broadway. Here's hoping he does though and it leads to further work in the theater. Theater probably offers an out actor a much wider scope of work than film/TV it's just a pity Matt hasn't much stage experience but hopefully this is just the beginning of something special. I'm also optimistic about his directing career.

Hi Andrew, You're right the cast is great. Maybe Matt is rebelling against the Hollywood/World's shunning of gay actors? I thought it interesting in the little promo video for BITB he talks about the "anger that's boiling to the surface" and it's significance in the present political environment. My guess is this project is personally important to him and also a sort of catharsis. I noticed that none of his recent roles barring The Last Tycoon entail romancing a woman. Walking Out, Anything, Papi Chulo all three are him with a male costar and not necessarily romantic. Quite interesting if you ask me.