Personal Info

Known For Writing

Gender Male

Known Credits 220

Birthday 1955-05-03

Place of Birth Hong Kong

Official Site -

Also Known As

  • 鬼媾人
  • Jing Wong
  • Wong Jing
  • 王晶

Writing TV ShowsMovies

2018 The Great Adventurer Wesley(12 episodes)Screenplay
2017 Chasing the DragonWriter
2017 Colour of the GameScreenplay
2016 Mission MilanoWriter
2016 iGirlScreenplay
2016 From Vegas To Macau IIIWriter
2015 From Vegas to Macau IIScreenplay
2014 Sifu vs. VampireWriter
2014 Flirting in the AirScreenplay
2014 Black ComedyWriter
2014 From Vegas to MacauWriter
2014 Once Upon a Time in ShanghaiStory
2013 Mr. & Mrs. PlayerWriter
2013 Princess and Seven Kung Fu MastersWriter
2012 The Last TycoonWriter
2012 Naked SoldierScreenplay
2012 Marrying Mr. PerfectWriter
2011 Hong Kong Ghost StoriesWriter
2011 Treasure HuntWriter
2011 Treasure InnWriter
2011 Men Suddenly in LoveScreenplay
2010 Future X-CopsWriter
2010 Beauty on DutyWriter
2010 Black RansomWriter
2009 To Live and Die in MongkokWriter
2009 I Corrupt All CopsWriter
2008 The Underdog KnightWriter
2007 The Lady Iron ChefWriter
2007 Kung Fu Mahjong 3: The Final DuelWriter
2006 Wise Guys Never DieWriter
2006 Wo HuWriter
2006 Dating a VampireWriter
2006 My Kung Fu SweetheartWriter
2005 Kung Fu MahjongWriter
2004 Love is a Many Stupid ThingWriter
2004 Sex and the BeautiesWriter
2003 The Spy DadWriter
2003 HonestyWriter
2002 Naked WeaponWriter
2002 The Irresistible PiggiesWriter
2002 The Wesley's Mysterious FileWriter
2001 Everyday is ValentineWriter
2000 The DuelWriter
2000 My Name Is NobodyScreenplay
1999 Century of the DragonWriter
1999 The Tricky MasterWriter
1999 The Conmen in VegasScreenplay
1999 Prince CharmingWriter
1999 The H.K. TriadWriter
1999 Raped by an Angel 4: The Rapist's UnionWriter
1998 Step Into the DarkWriter
1998 The ConmanWriter
1998 Mr. Wai-GoScreenplay
1998 Sex and Zen IIIWriter
1998 A True Mob StoryScreenplay
1998 Raped by an Angel 2: The Uniform FanWriter
1998 Her Name is CatWriter
1998 Cheap KillersWriter
1996 God of Gamblers 3: The Early StageWriter
1996 Bodyguards of the Last GovernorWriter
1996 Satan ReturnsWriter
1996 Sexy and DangerousWriter
1996 Twinkle Twinkle Lucky StarScreenplay
1995 I'm Your Birthday CakeWriter
1995 High RiskWriter
1995 The Saint of GamblersWriter
1995 Mean Street StoryWriter
1995 The EnforcerWriter
1994 Return To A Better TomorrowWriter
1994 Modern RomanceWriter
1994 Legend of the Red DragonWriter
1994 Hail the JudgeWriter
1993 Kung Fu Cult MasterWriter
1993 Ghost LanternWriter
1993 Perfect ExchangeWriter
1993 Boys Are EasyWriter
1993 Future CopsWriter
1993 Last Hero in ChinaWriter
1993 City HunterWriter
1993 Fight Back to School 3Writer
1993 Legend Of The Liquid SwordWriter
1993 Raped by an AngelWriter
1993 Flying DaggerWriter
1992 Naked KillerWriter
1992 Royal Tramp 2Writer
1992 She Starts the FireWriter
1992 Casino Tycoon IIWriter
1992 Royal TrampWriter
1992 Wizard's CurseWriter
1992 Casino TycoonWriter
1991 Dances with DragonWriter
1991 The BanquetWriter
1991 Queen of the UnderworldWriter
1991 God of Gamblers III Back to ShanghaiWriter
1991 Money MakerWriter
1991 The Last BloodWriter
1991 Tricky BrainsWriter
1990 God of Gamblers IIWriter
1990 Perfect GirlsWriter
1990 Ghostly VixenScreenplay
1990 My Neighbours are PhantomsWriter
1990 The Fortune CodeScreenplay
1989 The Romancing Star IIIWriter
1989 God of GamblersWriter
1989 Crocodile HunterWriter
1989 Ghost BustingWriter
1989 Forever YoungScreenplay
1989 Vampire BusterScreenplay
1989 Return of the Lucky StarsWriter
1989 Doubles Cause TroublesWriter
1989 Perfect MatchWriter
1989 Casino RaidersWriter
1988 The Crazy Companies 2Writer
1988 The Crazy CompaniesWriter
1988 It's a Mad Mad PrisonScreenplay
1988 The Romancing Star IIWriter
1987 You're My DestinyWriter
1987 The Romancing StarWriter
1987 Evil CatWriter
1986 Magic CrystalWriter
1986 The Seventh CurseScreenplay
1985 The Flying Mr. BWriter
1985 The Young VagabondWriter
1984 Prince CharmingWriter
1984 New Tales Of The Flying FoxWriter
1983 Hong Kong PlayboysWriter
1982 Mercenaries from Hong KongWriter
1982 Shaolin PrinceWriter
1981 Notorious EightWriter
1981 Treasure HuntersWriter
1981 DreadnaughtStory
1981 The Crazy ChaseScreenplay
1981 The Eagle's KillerScreenplay
1980 PursuitScreenplay
1980 The Buddhist FistWriter
1979 The Magnificent ButcherWriter
1979 Murder Most FoulWriter
1979 The Ghosts and IWriter
1979 The Lama AvengerWriter
1979 Itchy FingersWriter
1979 The Fighting FoolWriter


2019 Chasing the Dragon 2 : Master of RansomDirector
2017 The Golden MonkDirector
2017 Chasing the DragonDirector
2016 Mission MilanoDirector
2016 From Vegas To Macau IIIDirector
2015 From Vegas to Macau IIDirector
2014 From Vegas to MacauDirector
2013 Mr. & Mrs. PlayerDirector
2013 Princess and Seven Kung Fu MastersDirector
2012 The Last TycoonDirector
2012 Marrying Mr. PerfectDirector
2012 Mr. & Mrs. GamblerDirector
2011 Hong Kong Ghost StoriesDirector
2011 Treasure HuntDirector
2011 Treasure InnDirector
2011 Men Suddenly in LoveDirector
2010 Future X-CopsDirector
2010 Beauty on DutyDirector
2010 Black RansomDirector
2009 To Live and Die in MongkokDirector
2009 On His Majesty's Secret ServiceDirector
2009 I Corrupt All CopsDirector
2008 My Wife Is a Gambling MaestroDirector
2006 Wise Guys Never DieDirector
2006 My Kung Fu SweetheartDirector
2005 Kung Fu Mahjong 2Director
2005 Kung Fu MahjongDirector
2005 Colour of the LoyaltyDirector
2005 Slim Till DeadDirector
2004 Moving TargetsDirector
2004 Love is a Many Stupid ThingDirector
2004 Sex and the BeautiesDirector
2003 The Spy DadDirector
2003 HonestyDirector
2001 My Schoolmate, the BarbarianDirector
2001 Everyday is ValentineDirector
2001 Love Me, Love My MoneyDirector
2000 Crying HeartDirector
1999 The Tricky MasterDirector
1999 The Conmen in VegasDirector
1999 Prince CharmingDirector
1999 Raped by an Angel 4: The Rapist's UnionDirector
1998 Step Into the DarkDirector
1998 The ConmanDirector
1998 Love Generation Hong KongDirector
1998 A True Mob StoryDirector
1997 We're No Bad GuysDirector
1996 God of Gamblers 3: The Early StageDirector
1996 Twinkle Twinkle Lucky StarDirector
1995 Sixty Million Dollar ManDirector
1995 High RiskDirector
1995 The Saint of GamblersDirector
1994 God of Gamblers' ReturnDirector
1994 Whatever You WantDirector
1994 Return To A Better TomorrowDirector
1994 Modern RomanceDirector
1994 Legend of the Red DragonDirector
1994 Hail the JudgeDirector
1993 Kung Fu Cult MasterDirector
1993 Perfect ExchangeDirector
1993 Boys Are EasyDirector
1993 Future CopsDirector
1993 Holy WeaponDirector
1993 Last Hero in ChinaDirector
1993 City HunterDirector
1993 Fight Back to School 3Director
1993 Legend Of The Liquid SwordDirector
1992 Royal Tramp 2Director
1992 Casino Tycoon IIDirector
1992 Royal TrampDirector
1992 Truant HeroesDirector
1992 Casino TycoonDirector
1991 Dances with DragonDirector
1991 God of Gamblers III Back to ShanghaiDirector
1991 Money MakerDirector
1991 The Last BloodDirector
1991 Tricky BrainsDirector
1990 God of Gamblers IIDirector
1990 The Big ScoreDirector
1990 Perfect GirlsDirector
1989 God of GamblersDirector
1989 Crocodile HunterDirector
1989 Doubles Cause TroublesDirector
1989 Ghost FeverDirector
1989 Casino RaidersDirector
1988 The Crazy Companies 2Director
1988 How To Pick Girls Up!Director
1988 The Crazy CompaniesDirector
1988 Mr. PossessedDirector
1988 The Romancing Star IIDirector
1987 The Romancing StarDirector
1987 Born to GambleDirector
1986 Magic CrystalDirector
1985 Girl with the Diamond SlipperDirector
1985 The Flying Mr. BDirector
1984 I Love LolantoDirector
1984 Wits of the BratsDirector
1984 Prince CharmingDirector
1983 Hong Kong PlayboysDirector
1982 Mercenaries from Hong KongDirector
1982 Winner Takes AllDirector
1981 Challenge of the GamestersDirector


2019 Enter The Fat DragonProducer
2018 Big BrotherProducer
2017 Chasing the DragonProducer
2017 Gekijouban Shimajirou no wao!: Shimajirou to niji no oashisuProducer
2016 Mission MilanoExecutive Producer
2016 Line WalkerProducer
2016 From Vegas To Macau IIIProducer
2016 The Gigolo 2Producer
2014 Sifu vs. VampireProducer
2014 Flirting in the AirProducer
2014 Black ComedyExecutive Producer
2014 Black ComedyProducer
2014 Once Upon a Time in ShanghaiProducer
2013 Mr. & Mrs. PlayerExecutive Producer
2013 Mr. & Mrs. PlayerProducer
2013 A Secret Between UsExecutive Producer
2013 A Secret Between UsProducer
2013 Princess and Seven Kung Fu MastersProducer
2013 Young and Dangerous: ReloadedProducer
2012 Naked SoldierProducer
2011 Hong Kong Ghost StoriesProducer
2011 Treasure HuntProducer
2011 MicroSex OfficeProducer
2010 Marriage with a LiarProducer
2009 To Live and Die in MongkokProducer
2009 On His Majesty's Secret ServiceProducer
2008 The Underdog KnightProducer
2008 My Wife Is a Gambling MaestroProducer
2007 Beauty and the 7 BeastsProducer
2007 Kung Fu Mahjong 3: The Final DuelProducer
2006 Wise Guys Never DieProducer
2006 Wo HuProducer
2004 Love is a Many Stupid ThingProducer
2003 The Spy DadProducer
2003 Kung Fu Master Is My Grandma!Producer
2002 Naked WeaponProducer
2002 The Conman 2002Producer
2002 The Irresistible PiggiesProducer
2002 The Wesley's Mysterious FileProducer
2001 A Gambler's StoryProducer
2001 Everyday is ValentineProducer
2000 Conman in TokyoProducer
2000 The Duke of Mount Deer(32 episodes)Executive Producer
2000 My Name Is NobodyProducer
1999 The Tricky MasterProducer
1999 The Conmen in VegasProducer
1999 The H.K. TriadProducer
1999 Raped by an Angel 4: The Rapist's UnionProducer
1999 Body WeaponProducer
1998 Step Into the DarkProducer
1998 The ConmanProducer
1998 Sex and Zen IIIProducer
1998 Your Place or Mine!Producer
1998 Tricky KingProducer
1998 Raped by an Angel 3: Sexual Fantasy of the Chief ExecutiveProducer
1998 Raped by an Angel 2: The Uniform FanProducer
1998 Cheap KillersProducer
1997 Haunted KaraokeProducer
1996 Ebola SyndromeProducer
1996 Satan ReturnsProducer
1996 Twinkle Twinkle Lucky StarProducer
1996 Blind RomanceProducer
1995 High RiskExecutive Producer
1995 The Saint of GamblersProducer
1995 Mean Street StoryProducer
1995 Lover of the Last EmpressProducer
1994 1941 Hong Kong on FireExecutive Producer
1994 To Live and Die in TsimshatsuiExecutive Producer
1994 To Live and Die in TsimshatsuiProducer
1994 Long and Winding RoadProducer
1994 Return To A Better TomorrowProducer
1993 Kung Fu Cult MasterProducer
1993 Ghost LanternProducer
1993 Boys Are EasyProducer
1993 Legend Of The Liquid SwordProducer
1993 Raped by an AngelExecutive Producer
1993 Millionaire CopProducer
1992 Naked KillerProducer
1992 To Miss with LoveProducer
1992 She Starts the FireProducer
1992 Deadly Dream WomanProducer
1992 Casino Tycoon IIProducer
1992 Wizard's CurseProducer
1992 Casino TycoonProducer
1992 Truant HeroesProducer
1991 Queen of the UnderworldProducer
1991 Lee RockProducer
1991 Fight Back to SchoolProducer
1991 Money MakerProducer
1990 Ghostly VixenExecutive Producer
1990 My Neighbours are PhantomsProducer
1989 Crocodile HunterProducer
1989 Perfect MatchProducer
1986 100 Ways to Murder Your WifeProducer


2018 The Incredible Monk as Yu Huang Da Di
2015 Lost in Hong Kong
2015 From Vegas to Macau II as Smartie
2011 Treasure Hunt as Wayne He
2011 Men Suddenly in Love as Fu Mo Sam
2009 To Live and Die in Mongkok as Johnny
2009 I Corrupt All Cops as Gold / Mr Chu
2008 My Wife Is a Gambling Maestro as Lung Tin Gau
2007 The Lady Iron Chef as Souza
2006 Wise Guys Never Die as Teddy
2006 My Kung Fu Sweetheart as Itchiban
2005 Kung Fu Mahjong 2 as Tin Gau Goh
2005 Kung Fu Mahjong as Tin Kau Ko
2002 The Wesley's Mysterious File as Doctor Kwan
2001 Cop Shop Babes as Dr. Au Yeung
2000 My Name Is Nobody as Uncle Lo
1999 The Tricky Master as Ferrari
1999 The Conmen in Vegas as Handsome Wu
1998 The Conman as Comrade Jing
1998 The Lucky Guy as Fatty
1996 Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Star as At horse track [cameo]
1994 Legend of the Red Dragon as Fur Hat
1992 Casino Tycoon II as Casino gambler
1992 Twin Dragons as Spiritual healer
1991 Money Maker as Chu Cheung Fan
1991 Tricky Brains as Chiu
1990 The Big Score as Soft
1990 Perfect Girls as Tsz's cousin
1989 The Romancing Star III as Dried Pork
1989 Return of the Lucky Stars as Sgt Wong
1989 Doubles Cause Troubles as Councillor Wang Heng Xin
1989 Ghost Fever as Wong Siu-Cheong
1988 King of Stanley Market
1988 Three Wishes
1988 The Greatest Lover as Expert Tung
1988 How To Pick Girls Up! as Xin Jiejing
1988 Love Soldier of Fortune as Mr Wong (Antonio's manager)
1988 Mr. Possessed as Chi's buddy
1988 The Romancing Star II
1988 Bet on Fire as Man in white undies
1987 You're My Destiny as Mr Wong
1987 A Chinese Ghost Story as Judge
1987 The Romancing Star as Tour guide
1987 Born to Gamble as Skinny Jing
1987 Evil Cat as Inspector Handsome Wu
1986 The Innocent Interloper as Black Jack [cameo]
1986 The Ghost Snatchers as Chu Bong / Chu Hsi
1986 Magic Crystal as Snooker Pan Chuang Chiu
1986 The Seventh Curse as Danny Wong [cameo]
1985 Girl with the Diamond Slipper as Fat Cat
1985 Fascinating Affairs
1985 The Flying Mr. B as Liu Ben
1985 My Mind, Your Body
1984 Three Stooges Go Undercover as Rapist
1984 Double Trouble
1984 I Love Lolanto as Fat Lung
1984 Wits of the Brats as Mr. Blinker


1990 Kung Fu Vs. AcrobaticScript
1989 Ghost FeverScript
1988 Mr. PossessedScript

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