Personal Info

Known For Production

Gender Male

Known Credits 344

Birthday 1892-01-14

Day of Death 1992-11-02

Place of Birth Elmira, New York, USA

Official Site -

Also Known As

  • Harry Eugene Roach
  • Al Roach
  • Hal E. Roach

Production TV ShowsMovies

2012 The Best of The Little Rascals in 3D Producer
1943 Yanks Ahoy Executive Producer
1943 Prairie Chickens Executive Producer
1943 Calaboose Executive Producer
1942 The McGuerins from Brooklyn Executive Producer
1942 Fall In Associate Producer
1942 Flying with Music Producer
1942 About Face Producer
1942 Dudes Are Pretty People Producer
1942 Brooklyn Orchid Producer
1941 Miss Polly Producer
1941 Niagara Falls Executive Producer
1941 Tanks a Million Producer
1941 Topper Returns Producer
1940 One Million B.C. Producer
1938 Block-Heads Producer
1938 Hide and Shriek Producer
1938 The Awful Tooth Producer
1938 Swiss Miss Producer
1938 Merrily We Live Producer
1937 Fishy Tales Producer
1937 Topper Producer
1937 Way Out West Producer
1936 Spooky Hooky Producer
1936 General Spanky Producer
1936 On the Wrong Trek Producer
1936 The Bohemian Girl Producer
1935 Top Flat Producer
1935 Hot Money Producer
1935 Little Papa Producer
1935 Bonnie Scotland Producer
1935 Sprucin' Up Producer
1935 Teacher's Beau Producer
1935 The Tin Man Producer
1935 Beginner's Luck Producer
1935 Anniversary Trouble Producer
1935 Tit for Tat Producer
1934 Babes in Toyland Producer
1934 Shrimps for a Day Producer
1934 You Bring the Ducks Producer
1934 Fate's Fathead Producer
1934 Mama's Little Pirate Producer
1934 Washee Ironee Producer
1934 Them Thar Hills Producer
1934 Going Bye-Bye! Producer
1934 Another Wild Idea Producer
1934 Benny, from Panama Producer
1934 Maid in Hollywood Producer
1934 The First Round-Up Producer
1934 Four Parts Producer
1934 Hi'–Neighbor! Producer
1934 Mixed Nuts Producer
1933 Sons of the Desert Producer
1933 Wild Poses Producer
1933 Busy Bodies Producer
1933 The Midnight Patrol Producer
1933 Arabian Tights Producer
1932 Towed in a Hole Producer
1932 Mr. Bride Producer
1932 Their First Mistake Producer
1932 Pack Up Your Troubles Producer
1932 Scram! Producer
1932 Show Business Producer
1932 What Price Taxi Producer
1932 County Hospital Producer
1932 The Pooch Producer
1932 Choo-Choo! Producer
1932 In Walked Charley Producer
1932 The Music Box Producer
1932 Red Noses Producer
1932 Any Old Port! Producer
1932 The Tabasco Kid Producer
1932 Helpmates Producer
1932 Hook and Ladder Producer
1931 The Hasty Marriage Producer
1931 Come Clean Producer
1931 Pardon Us Producer
1931 The Panic Is On Producer
1931 Spuk um Mitternacht Producer
1931 Our Wife Producer
1931 Politiquerías Producer
1931 Little Daddy Producer
1931 The Pip from Pittsburg Producer
1931 Chickens Come Home Producer
1931 Thundering Tenors Producer
1931 Helping Grandma Producer
1930 Another Fine Mess Producer
1930 Looser Than Loose Producer
1930 Dollar Dizzy Producer
1930 Girl Shock Producer
1930 Fast Work Producer
1930 Hog Wild Producer
1930 La vida nocturna Producer
1930 Brats Producer
1930 Blotto Producer
1930 Shivering Shakespeare Producer
1930 Noche de duendes Producer
1929 Bacon Grabbers Producer
1929 Bouncing Babies Producer
1929 Boxing Gloves Producer
1929 Lazy Days Producer
1929 Hotter Than Hot Producer
1929 Snappy Sneezer Producer
1929 Men o'War Producer
1929 Railroadin' Producer
1929 The Big Squawk Producer
1929 Small Talk Producer
1929 Movie Night Producer
1929 Unaccustomed As We Are Producer
1929 Big Business Producer
1929 Wrong Again Producer
1929 Going Ga-Ga Producer
1928 We Faw Down Producer
1928 The Boy Friend Producer
1928 Early to Bed Producer
1928 School Begins Producer
1928 You're Darn Tootin' Producer
1928 Limousine Love Producer
1928 Came the Dawn Producer
1928 Flying Elephants Producer
1928 Should Tall Men Marry? Producer
1928 Spook Spoofing Producer
1928 Pass the Gravy Producer
1927 The Battle of the Century Producer
1927 Flaming Fathers Producer
1927 Putting Pants on Philip Producer
1927 Do Detectives Think? Producer
1927 The Way of All Pants Producer
1927 Should Second Husbands Come First? Producer
1927 Call of the Cuckoo Producer
1927 The Second Hundred Years Producer
1927 Now I'll Tell One Producer
1927 Sailors, Beware! Producer
1927 Us Producer
1927 Why Girls Love Sailors Producer
1927 Don't Tell Everything Producer
1927 The Glorious Fourth Producer
1927 Love 'Em and Weep Producer
1927 Eve's Love Letters Producer
1927 Why Girls Say No Producer
1927 Seeing the World Producer
1927 Should Men Walk Home? Producer
1926 There Ain't No Santa Claus Producer
1926 Be Your Age Producer
1926 Get 'Em Young Producer
1926 Tell Em Nothing Producer
1926 Wise Guys Prefer Brunettes Producer
1926 Bromo and Juliet Producer
1926 The Devil Horse Producer
1926 Crazy Like a Fox Producer
1926 The Fourth Alarm Producer
1926 Mama Behave Producer
1926 Wandering Papas Executive Producer
1926 Long Pants Producer
1926 Soft Pedal Producer
1926 Charley My Boy! Producer
1926 What's the World Coming To? Producer
1926 The Boy Friend Producer
1925 His Wooden Wedding Producer
1925 The Caretaker's Daughter Producer
1925 No Father to Guide Him Producer
1925 Innocent Husbands Producer
1925 Chasing the Chaser Producer
1925 Bad Boy Producer
1925 Is Marriage the Bunk? Producer
1925 Should Husbands Be Watched? Producer
1925 Dog Days Producer
1925 The Wages of Tin Producer
1925 The Rat's Knuckles Producer
1924 Just a Good Guy Producer
1924 Sittin' Pretty Producer
1924 Outdoor Pajamas Producer
1924 Seeing Nellie Home Producer
1924 A Ten-Minute Egg Producer
1924 Jubilo, Jr. Producer
1924 Don't Park There Producer
1924 Rupert of Hee-Haw Producer
1924 The Fraidy Cat Producer
1924 Zeb vs. Paprika Producer
1924 Big Business Producer
1924 Smithy Producer
1924 At First Sight Producer
1923 Uncensored Movies Executive Producer
1923 The Great Outdoors Producer
1923 Dear Ol' Pal Producer
1923 Why Worry? Producer
1923 Oranges and Lemons Producer
1923 Post No Bills Producer
1923 Courtship of Miles Sandwich Producer
1922 Dr. Jack Producer
1922 Our Gang Producer
1922 Shine 'Em Up Producer
1922 Shiver and Shake Producer
1922 Fire Fighters Producer
1922 One Terrible Day Producer
1922 Grandma's Boy Producer
1922 The Timber Queen Producer
1922 Years to Come Producer
1921 A Sailor-Made Man Producer
1921 Trolley Troubles Producer
1921 Dodge Your Debts Producer
1921 Whirl o' the West Producer
1920 Fresh Paint Producer
1920 The Dippy Dentist Producer
1919 Looking for Trouble Producer
1919 How Dry I Am Producer
1919 The Rajah Producer
1919 Be My Wife Producer
1919 Don't Shove Producer
1919 Heap Big Chief Producer
1919 Chop Suey & Co. Producer
1919 Count Your Change Producer
1919 At the Old Stage Door Producer
1919 Off the Trolley Producer
1919 Swat the Crook Producer
1919 Pistols for Breakfast Producer
1919 Crack Your Heels Producer
1919 Just Dropped In Producer
1919 Next Aisle Over Producer
1919 The Dutiful Dub Producer
1919 Look Out Below Producer
1919 I'm on My Way Producer
1919 Hustling for Health Producer
1918 She Loves Me Not Producer
1918 Take a Chance Producer
1918 Just Rambling Along Producer
1918 Nothing But Trouble Producer
1918 Bride and Gloom Producer
1918 Sic 'Em, Towser Producer
1918 The City Slicker Producer
1918 Fireman Save My Child Producer
1918 Two-Gun Gussie Producer
1918 The Non-Stop Kid Producer
1918 Kicked Out Producer
1918 His Busy Day Producer
1918 Hey There Producer
1918 It's a Wild Life Producer
1918 Pipe the Whiskers Producer
1918 Follow the Crowd Producer
1918 On the Jump Producer
1918 Let's Go Producer
1918 Here Come the Girls Producer
1918 Look Pleasant, Please Producer
1918 A Gasoline Wedding Producer
1918 Beat It Producer
1918 Hit Him Again Producer
1918 The Tip Producer
1917 The Big Idea Producer
1917 Step Lively Producer
1917 Move On Producer
1917 Bliss Producer
1917 Love, Laughs and Lather Producer
1917 By the Sad Sea Waves Producer
1917 Pinched Producer
1917 Lonesome Luke's Wild Women Producer
1917 Lonesome Luke, Messenger Producer
1917 Lonesome Luke on Tin Can Alley Producer
1916 Luke Locates the Loot Producer
1916 Luke's Movie Muddle Producer
1916 Luke Joins the Navy Producer
1916 Luke's Lost Lamb Producer
1916 Luke, Crystal Gazer Producer
1916 Luke Rides Roughshod Producer
1916 Luke and the Rural Roughnecks Producer
1916 Luke, the Candy Cut-Up Producer
1915 Peculiar Patients' Pranks Producer
1915 Giving Them Fits Producer
1915 Just Nuts Producer


1941 Road Show Director
1940 Turnabout Director
1940 One Million B.C. Director
1939 The Housekeeper's Daughter Director
1939 Captain Fury Director
1936 The Bohemian Girl Director
1933 Arabian Tights Director
1933 The Devil's Brother Director
1931 On the Loose Director
1931 The Pajama Party Director
1931 Let's Do Things Director
1931 Monsieur Le Fox Director
1930 Men of the North Director
1929 Dad's Day Director
1929 Hurdy Gurdy Director
1929 Unaccustomed As We Are Director
1928 Flying Elephants Director
1924 Just a Real Good Car Director
1924 Smithy Director
1923 Scorching Sands Director
1923 Save The Ship Director
1923 Short Orders Director
1921 I Do Director
1921 Now or Never Director
1920 Number, Please? Director
1920 Get Out and Get Under Director
1920 High and Dizzy Director
1920 An Eastern Westerner Director
1920 Haunted Spooks Director
1920 His Royal Slyness Director
1919 From Hand to Mouth Director
1919 Looking for Trouble Director
1919 Captain Kidd's Kids Director
1919 Bumping Into Broadway Director
1919 His Only Father Director
1919 Pay Your Dues Director
1919 The Rajah Director
1919 Be My Wife Director
1919 Chop Suey & Co. Director
1919 A Jazzed Honeymoon Director
1919 At the Old Stage Door Director
1919 Billy Blazes, Esq. Director
1919 Young Mr. Jazz Director
1919 Spring Fever Director
1919 Back to the Woods Director
1919 Just Dropped In Director
1919 A Sammy in Siberia Director
1919 Next Aisle Over Director
1919 Look Out Below Director
1919 On the Fire Director
1919 Ask Father Director
1919 Do You Love Your Wife? Director
1918 Just Rambling Along Director
1918 His Busy Day Director
1917 Clubs Are Trump Director
1917 Lonesome Luke's Wild Women Director
1917 Lonesome Luke, Messenger Director
1917 Lonesome Luke on Tin Can Alley Director
1917 Lonesome Luke's Lively Life Director
1917 Luke's Trolley Troubles Director
1916 Luke's Shattered Sleep Director
1916 Luke Locates the Loot Director
1916 Luke's Fireworks Fizzle Director
1916 Luke, Rank Impersonator Director
1916 Luke's Movie Muddle Director
1916 Luke, Patient Provider Director
1916 Luke and the Bang-Tails Director
1916 Luke's Speedy Club Life Director
1916 Luke and the Mermaids Director
1916 Luke Joins the Navy Director
1916 Luke Does the Midway Director
1916 Luke's Lost Lamb Director
1916 Luke, Crystal Gazer Director
1916 Luke Rides Roughshod Director
1916 Luke and the Rural Roughnecks Director
1916 Luke, the Candy Cut-Up Director
1915 Peculiar Patients' Pranks Director
1915 Giving Them Fits Director
1915 Just Nuts Director


1936 Spooky Hooky Story
1932 The Pooch Writer
1932 Choo-Choo! Writer
1932 Spanky Writer
1931 On the Loose Writer
1931 Chickens Come Home Story
1930 Brats Story
1929 Boxing Gloves Story
1929 Perfect Day Writer
1928 Flying Elephants Story
1928 Leave 'Em Laughing Story
1927 The Battle of the Century Writer
1927 Do Detectives Think? Writer
1927 Sailors, Beware! Writer
1927 Why Girls Love Sailors Writer
1927 The Glorious Fourth Story
1927 Love 'Em and Weep Writer
1927 Seeing the World Story
1927 Bring Home the Turkey Story
1926 The Devil Horse Writer
1926 The Fourth Alarm Writer
1926 Thundering Fleas Story
1926 Long Pants Writer
1926 Soft Pedal Writer
1925 Black Cyclone Story
1925 Boys Will Be Joys Story
1925 Looking for Sally Writer
1925 Shootin' Injuns Story
1925 Big Red Riding Hood Writer
1925 Dog Days Writer
1924 Just a Good Guy Writer
1924 Jubilo, Jr. Story
1924 Big Business Writer
1923 Uncensored Movies Screenplay
1923 Be Honest Writer
1923 Dogs of War! Story Writer
1923 Safety Last! Story
1922 Dr. Jack Story
1922 Our Gang Story
1922 Grandma's Boy Story
1921 A Sailor-Made Man Writer Story
1921 Trolley Troubles Story
1921 Never Weaken Story
1921 I Do Writer
1921 Name the Day Story
1921 Among Those Present Writer


2017 Cinecittà Babylon as Himself - Producer (archive footage)
2014 And the Oscar Goes To...
2011 Laurel & Hardy: Their Lives and Magic as Himself (archive footage)
1992 Harold Lloyd: The Third Genius as Himself
1987 Hollywood Uncensored as Himself
1985 George Stevens: A Filmmaker's Journey
1980 Hollywood (13 episodes)
1974 Cuckoo: A Celebration of Mr. Laurel and Mr. Hardy as Himself
1933 Sons of the Desert as Bit Part (uncredited)
1933 Wild Poses as Studio portrait
1914 The Magic Cloak of Oz as The Cowardly Lion (uncredited)
1914 The Patchwork Girl of Oz as The Cowardly Lion / Tottenhot (as Al Roach)


1936 General Spanky Presenter
1931 Pardon Us Presenter
1931 Thundering Tenors Presenter
1929 Men o'War Presenter
1928 Came the Dawn Cinematography
1926 Bromo and Juliet Presenter
1926 Crazy Like a Fox Presenter


1922 Our Gang Creator

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