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Person Facts

Gender: -

Known Credits: 34

Birthday: 1947-03-22

Place of Birth: Macau, China

Adult Actor: False

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Also Known As

  • Carter Wong Ka Tat
  • Carter Wong Ka-Tat
  • Huang Jia Da
  • Wong Ka Tat
  • Huang Jia Da
  • Wong Chia Tat
  • Carter Huang
  • Patrick Wong
  • Carter
  • Jia-da
  • Ka-tat
  • Chia-tat
  • Patrick
  • Huang Chia Daa
  • Huang Chia Da

Carter Wong


Carter was born in Macau in 1947 and began learning traditional Chinese Kung Fu when he was eight years old. Carter began his training under the Principal of Shaolin Monk and the Grand Master of Wudang Chi-Kung. In addition to Chinese Kung Fu, Master Wong also traveled to and trained in Japan, Thailand, and Korea with the Masters of Karate, Muay-Thai, Taekwondo, and Hapkido.

Grand Master Carter Wong founded the International Chung Hop Kuen World Federation. Chung Hop Kuen is his own style of martial arts based on Chinese Kung Fu mixed with Muay-Thai, Taekwondo, Hapkido and Karate. It is represented in many countries around the world, including China, America, Canada, Australia and Europe. He has opened branches in South America and South-East Asia, and it is represented in 36 countries.

2001 Tiger Claws III: The Final Conflict
1995 Asian Cop: High Voltage as Police Officer
1992 Spider Force as Stuart Wong
1989 Hardcase and Fist as Eddy Lee
1986 Big Trouble in Little China as Thunder
1985 Amazing Masters Of Martial Arts as Archival Footage
1981 Succubare
1980 Emperor of Shaolin Kung Fu as Butcher Tu
1979 Sa-ho Martial Arts
1979 The Magnificent
1978 Way of the Black Dragon as Chen
1978 Kung Fu Arts as King Chi
1978 Snake in the Eagles Shadow 2 as Chan Sing Kwan
1978 Magnificent Fist
1978 Born Invincible as Tieh Wu Ching
1977 Shaolin Kung-Fu Mystagogue
1977 Shaolin Traitor as Ping Fei Lee
1977 Fatal Flying Guillotine as Shen Ping
1977 Shaolin Invincibles as Kan Feng Chih
1977 Shaolin Iron Finger as (Huang Chia Da)
1976 Traitorous
1976 Story of the Dragon
1976 Revenge of the Patriots as Escort
1976 The Blazing Temple
1975 The Four Assassins as Zu Jianmin
1975 The Dragon Tamers
1975 All in the Family as Policeman
1974 The Tournament as Lau Siu-Fung's brother
1974 The Skyhawk as Leo
1974 Kung Fu Killers as Himself
1973 When Taekwondo Strikes as Jin Zheng Zhi
1973 Deadly China Doll as Pai Chien
1973 Back Alley Princess as Chiang's eldest student
1972 Hapkido as Kao Chung