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Written by kastigar on April 15, 2017

Good, but not great. A few, not many, funny lines. Best performance by Mckenna Grace. The best I can say is that it wasn't a good movie but it wasn't a bad movie either.

Written by Gimly on December 29, 2017

Extraordinarily conventional. It will surely appeal to devotees of this sort of thing, because it's well acted and has some minor emotional impact, but with the exception of what essentially boils down to a gimmick, Gifted is just like a hundred other okay movies that deal with the same subject in the same way.

Final rating:★★ - Had some things that appeal to me, but a poor finished product.

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Written by Reno on February 4, 2018

One's fighting for the child and the other's for her gift!

Films about battle for child custody is a very familiar theme. There are lots of great films you could find. This is just another, but another great among them. There's actually nothing special about it. It's simple and emotional. The characters were slightly different, and agenda for courtroom drama is interesting aspect of the film.

A single uncle who is a by-default guardian for his niece since her mother had died. But the seven year old kid is a math prodigy like her mother. He wanted her to live a normal life like everybo... read the rest.

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