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The story just just seems to be all over the place. They spend so much time wallowing in the leads utterly uninteresting relationship and showing the guys partying, but completely gloss over how these guys are supposedly making money. This young nerd like dude just happens to know guys who can smuggle BMW's in to the country and they can make something like 300% profit on them yet for some reason nobody else has thought of this brilliant idea. They don't spend any time telling how this guy's brilliant gold trading idea works either. Personally I found the scene in the beginning quite effectively describes this whole move : the lead goes home and has some kind of epic heureka moment and spends all night writing some kind of revolutionary manifesto. They don't really show what he came up with or why or how it is useful, but apparently the brilliant idea he came up with was that if you look at things differently something unethical can be considered ethical. This is groundbreaking stuff right here.


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