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Best Film

Best Director

Best Supp Actor (Cillian Murphy)

Best sound FX

Best Editing

Best cinematography

Best score

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@ april422

why ?

Because there wasn't anything great about that movie.


oh come on .. it was amazing especially when you compare it to the comic book BS we get nowadays

Production Design, Editing, Sound, Special Effects.

No denying the technical elements of the film, they were superb, although I wouldn't personally nominate it for cinematography.

Nothing for the cast - nobody really had the chance to shine.


cillian deserves a nom

@GerardKennelly said:


cillian deserves a nom

Honestly, I barely remember his performance. He just brooded a bit. He is a good actor, but I don't think he had enough to do to justify a nomination considering some of the contenders this year.

@GerardKennelly said:


oh come on .. it was amazing especially when you compare it to the comic book BS we get nowadays

Well that isn't much of a competition now is it? I wasn't planning on watching The Academy Awards this year anyway because very few films that are truly considered great were released this year.

I think the following nominations make sense, given the competition:

  • Best Cinematography: No brainer top 3 of the year
  • Best Movie: Best of the year's blockbusters; should give the dramas and prestige movies a run for their money
  • Best Directing
  • Best Editing: Yes, editing...

I don't know about the smaller awards... I don't think Dunkirk should be nominated for any of the acting... it's not that kind of film...

It'll be interesting to see what the competition is... especially on the cinematography and directing sides, which I think are the stronger sides of Dunkirk... Maybe editing as well, but that's a bit more controversial...

@Renovatio there must be at least one performance that deserves a nom iyo

@GerardKennelly if I had to chose a performance it would probably be Mark Rylance, as he had the meatiest role, but even then it's pretty light... The characters are kept quite minimal in this movie...


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